What You Must Know About Reception Desks


It would be an understatement to say that reception desks are very important for any kind of office reception. Reception is that integral part of the office, which can make or mar the image – an organisation wants to create. The reception of any office (whether it is an organization or an institute) is like the introductory lines to an essay – it should reflect the complete ambiance and work culture of the company, what the organization is all about and how professionally sound are the functions and systems. The reception is ought to be impressive and make any visitor feel good.

To make a reception look remarkable, it is very important to have equally impressive reception desks. Reception desks are the most active corner of receptions. It is where a visitor comes with queries and requests, where the receptionist performs most part of the duties assigned, phone calls are attended and many other such activities take place. Therefore it is important to have well-made reception desks.

Reception desks should have sound ergonomics. It should be durable enough to last long. There should be ample space for storing and placing different objects required in the reception. For instance, there should be sufficient space for different kinds of stationery items so that the receptionist does not have to run about here and there for small things. The telephone should be kept in a comfortable distance from the receptionist. And the computer should have a earmarked place, so that it does not consume maximum space on the reception desks.

Old fashioned reception desks are now a passé. Organisations, worldwide, are switching from outdated style of reception desks and office chairs to modern and contemporary designs. The contemporary designs are not just ergonomic, they are also a good break from the monotony of old designs. New fashioned office furniture, reception desks and office chairs are easily available with leading office furniture web stores.

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