Wash Away the Winter Blues With Spring Cleaning


Spring is just around the corner, but why wait until then? Shake off the winter blues now with a little early spring cleaning. Here are some Ideas to get you started and some tips for getting up the most stubborn stains.

11 Easy Cleaning Tips Using Products You Already Have

* Lemon is a great natural stain remover. Add a half a cup of lemon juice to your white linens to get them extra bright. They’ll smell great too!

* Running out of room in your linen closet? Click here to learn how to fold a fitted sheet and click here to learn how to fold a round tablecloth.

* Olive oil is great for dusting wooden furniture. Add a little to a dust rag and lightly wipe all surfaces.

* To minimize your workload and make sure you don’t have to clean the same place twice always start with the highest surfaces first and work your way down to the floor. The only exception is when you’re vacuuming. Vacuums can kick up a lot of dust so in carpeted rooms you should vacuum first and dust afterward.

* Things like coffeemakers, tea pots and dishwashers are difficult to clean with soap and a sponge. Try vinegar instead. For a tea pot, boil vinegar and then wipe clean and rinse. For coffeemakers and dishwashers, run a cup of vinegar (for coffeemaker, mix with water) through one cycle to reduce buildup of coffee and soap.

* Vinegar is also great for absorbing smoke odors. Set a small bowl in a corner of the room you smoke in. If you’re worried about pets or children upsetting the bowl, a great thing to invest in is a bag of volcanic rocks. The mineral in the rocks, zeolite, is a natural odor absorber. Both of my parents smoke and they’ve kept a bag in their kitchen for years. You can purchase a bag inexpensively at Amazon.com

* Got a clogged drain? Pour a cup of baking soda in followed by a cup of vinegar and let sit for five minutes, preferably covered. Follow with a gallon of boiling water. It works just like Drain-o but it’s much cheaper!

* If you have stubborn stains on your toilet or another porcelain fixture, a little lighter fluid should do the trick. Just be sure to wet the area and the paper towel with water thoroughly when you’re finished so you don’t cause a fire.

* If you have kids who don’t know how to dispose of their gum then you know how difficult it can be to remove from almost any surface. One thing that can make it a little easier is some ice. Place a few cubes in a Ziploc bag a rub the bag over the gum until it hardens. Use a blunt object to shatter the gum and vacuum the pieces.

* When removing a wet stain from a carpet or other fabric, always press the stain with your cloth; never rub. If the stain is on a surface you can flip, like a tablecloth, press on the stain from the underside. This will push the liquid out in the opposite direction. Pressing from the top will only push the stain further into your fabric, making it less likely that you can remove it completely.

* If you’re trying to tackle window washing, wait for a cloudy but not rainy day. Washing windows in direct sunlight can cause streaking because the window cleaner will dry too quickly.

This should get you started. Good luck and happy cleaning!

Source by Catherine Conley

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