Warm and Welcoming Lobby Furniture


The lobby is that area of ​​an office where visitors and customers will have first contact with a business. A well designed lobby that makes visitors and customers feel comfortable is very much essential for an office. The lobby should be designed keeping peak traffic in mind. Also, it should be easy to keep clean and have enough seating for waiting customers. Smaller lobbies can also be aesthetic and pleasing provided they have the appropriate office furniture that suits the space.

Type of Office Furniture for a Lobby

The lobby furniture should be designed based on the type of visitors you are expecting. A business that may have customers flocking in throughout the day, should comfortable seating that is easy to maintain. Seating should durability and of high quality, also. Uncomfortable furniture can make customers impatient and send them away dissatisfied with customer service.

Lobby Space

Cozy lobbies, where there isn't much space can have chairs that are smaller and fit closer together are best. Glass top tables look sophisticated and also add space to the lobby. If the lobby is close to the building exterior, efforts should be made to make it look bright and open by utilizing the natural lighting from outside. This could help cut on costs for lighting and at the same time make the lobby feel more open.

Lobby Reception Area

Most lobbies have a reception desk. The desk should be large enough to meet the customer's needs when they walk in. There should be ample storage with doors that close to keep the area looking neat.

Well-designed lobbies have a consistent theme. Some look professional with clean lines and basic colors. Some lobbies are more colorful projecting a creative image of the company. Other lobbies will look contemporary with the latest colors and materials used.

Client and Customer Comforts

When a customers or clients may have long waits, complimentary coffee and a water fountain can make the wait easier. Light refreshments or snacks can also help. Some businesses choose to have a vending machine.

Furniture for an office lobby can be found at Corporate Design Choice. Modular systems like the ones from Herman Miller will allow for flexibility for the lobby area in an office. Corporate Design Choice has been part of the commercial furniture industry for over 20 years. They are based in Miami, Florida.

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