Wall Beds - Murphy Beds Save Living Space in Florida


Many people in Florida are turning to Murphy beds, or wall beds, as a solution to their space problems. If you are looking for ways to create or save space in your house, wall beds are ideal, and they allow you to enable your room to function as a bedroom or an office if you wish, very quickly and very easily!

There are folding beds available (which are also known as hide-a-beds and space saving beds) that will suit any home. With this type of bed, you can easily transform a relatively small room, for example a computer room or office, to a guest room. This is because the beds are designed to be slipped into the wall or a specially designed closet, and hence leave a lot of floor space in your room. Get a desk and a chair to fill the space and your computer room or study is ready use, and ready to convert into a bedroom when needed.

If you have children, these beds can be a great solution if their rooms do not have enough space for traditional beds – and they will love them! Simply slip the bed into the closet or wall and you will have created a large playroom for your son or daughter. Your child will be happier in a much larger room and you will not have to worry about the bed being messed up when they are playing. Folding beds have proved to be popular in recent years because of the space that they create and save in homes.

Another reason why many Florida people are going for Murphy beds is because of their stylish design and comfort. If you can find a local wall bed showroom, you will see many elegant and beautiful designs from which you can choose. The beds are made from a variety of materials and not just the ubiquitous pine from which many such items tend to made. Some of the popular woods used to make good quality Murphy beds include cedar, birch, mahogany, cherry, alder and oak. The materials determine the weight and price of the beds, and you can go for looks or price, depending upon the use to which you intend to put your new hidden wall bed.

Some exclusive luxurious materials incorporated in wall beds include vinyl, polar fleece, deluxe down, and soft leather. You can opt for large, sturdy mattresses, made from rubber foam to give you utmost comfort when you are sleeping. The mattresses are washable and water repellent hence you will not have to take them out to dry after cleaning them.

Many of these elegant space saving beds come with single or double sided drawers or cabinets, skilfully designed to ensure that they mount perfectly on the wall or in a closet and remain secure until they are lowered down to the floor. In this way, the space they take up is not lost as storage space, but is integrated into the structure of the bed. This is particularly of benefit for children’s rooms, since if they have a playroom doubling as a bedroom, the bedding and clothes are best stored within the bed, leaving their own furniture for their toys.

If you have your own Murphy bed design in mind, some suppliers will come up with a customized design that will compliment the furniture and bedroom accessories in your home. If you can find a showroom to visit that offers the highest quality and affordable space-saving beds for Florida residents, then you will be able to see the high quality of craftsmanship yourself.

It is obvious that wall beds will continue to arouse more interest and continue in their popularity in the coming years, not only in Florida, but also throughout the USA. They are finding use in lofts, where they are valuable space-savers, and even in executive offices where they provide emergency bedding for the busy executive who has to work overnight. The same is true of hospitals, health centers and anywhere else that an emergency bed, hidden away while not in use, would be valuable.

The most important thing to consider when you want to buy one is whether it will fit in the space that you have and how it will compliment your other furniture, so that it does not look out of place. This is one reason why you should visit a showroom to choose the design you want, or at least talk to a specialist by telephone. You do not want to order a bed without knowing the measurement of the space available in your room, and the range of styles and materials available that should match with any existing furniture.

Given that you follow this advice, you will enjoy the novelty of your new Murphy bed and also give yourself more living space in your Florida home. And if there is one thing that everybody needs, irrespective of the size of their home, that is more space.

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