Vacuum Cleaner Features - What You Need And You Don't Need


Vacuum cleaners are generally affordable. However, the more features incorporated in it, the more expensive it gets. There are actually a lot of consumers who have spent a lot of money on vacuums with features that they do not really need.

Before buying, assess your cleaning needs and find out which features are necessary to solve your cleaning dilemmas. Let me tell you a few of the features that may prove to be useful:

1. Additional cleaning tools

In general, most vacuum machine kits come with add-on cleaning tools. They are usually equipped with a crevice tool for the narrow spaces in your hose, an upholstery brush that you can use to clean your sofa, carpet or your mattress and a simple round brush to dust furniture pieces. For people buying canister cleaners, a nozzle attachment is a good choice because you can use it to clean your carpet efficiently.

What you don’t need are additional tools such as brushes that can clean hard surfaces. You probably don’t need stretch hoses since the hose or the cord of vacuums is generally long enough to clean hard-to-reach areas.

2. HEPA filter

You need a machine with an HEPA filter especially if you have kids at home allergic to dust mites, pollens or allergens. HEPA or high efficiency particular air filter can help reduce dust mites and other minuscule particles by up to 99%. It helps improve the quality of the air you are breathing at home.

3. A cleaning system for wet spills

Many people tend to pick up wet spills or wet dirt simply because they are too lazy to wipe the wet areas on the floor before using the vacuum. This is actually bad for a machine that is not intended for such cleaning purposes. It might prompt the appearance of germs and bacteria inside the machine and might cause smelly vacuum problems.

However, there are vacuum machine models today that have been incorporated with features that can pick up wet spills and wet dirt. If you often have to deal with spills at home, you can try this feature.

What you don’t need is a machine with a steam feature. Although there are reliable steam cleaners out there, this cleaning machine tends to break down easily. Furthermore, they do not work so well in getting rid of big stains on carpets.

4. Height adjustment

When buying upright vacuums to clean your carpets, you should find out if it has been incorporated with a carpet-height adjustment system. This will allow the machine to follow the height of the carpet so it can clean your carpet efficiently.

Source by Alan Cassidy

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