Using a Corner Vanity to Optimize Small Bathroom Space


If you have a bathroom with limited space, you need to consider how to make the most of that space. Often times this means selecting a pedestal sink rather than a full bathroom vanity sink.

However, another option would be to select a corner bathroom vanity. These have become more prominent in recent years, possibly because of the increased rate of urban redevelopment for upscale living. People are working hard to make the most of limited space in these environments.

Vessels and Pedestals of the Past

In the past, people mostly just did what they could with a very small bathroom vanity sink, a vessel sink attached to the wall without a cabinet or perhaps a pedestal sink with some make-shift furniture used for storage and counter space. However, now you can take advantage of efficient corner vanities that help you make the most of every nook and cranny of your bathroom.

The Corner Bathroom Vanity

A corner bathroom vanity fits flush against two walls into even the tiniest bathrooms. It can either be an out-of-the-way vanity to function as counter space and mirror for getting ready for that hot date, or it can be a full blown cabinet vanity with plenty of storage. In some cases, you might even have a bathroom sink cut into a corner vanity.

A corner bathroom sink vanity is a great option if you already have plumbing running through the corner of the room, but it might be too expensive to implement if adjusting the existing plumbing makes it prohibitive.

Thinking Outside the Box

But do not hesitate to think in terms of a bathroom vanity without a sink. Often times people get kind of stuck in a rut of thinking that the vanity and the sink must be all-in-one within smaller bathrooms. If you have the luxury of an adjacent powder room than this isn't a concern for you, but in most cases where people deliberate vanities with or without sinks they are trying to maximize limited space.

A wall-mounted vessel sink or pedestal sink in one part of the bathroom with a corner bathroom vanity in the other can make for some interesting design choices as well as great functionality. It empowers you to easily swivel from sink to vanity without leaving the room and without cluttering your sink with your grooming devices.

The optimum use of floor space would be to integrate the corner vanity with the sink, but in addition to being limited by existing plumbing, this also squeezes a lot of functionality in a very tight space. So often times it is best to sacrifice floor space for more efficient elbow room.

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