Types of Restaurant Tables to Furnish Your Place


Furniture holds the most vital place in the interiors of a restaurant. The furniture is a little different from the one that we use in our homes. It is manufactured keeping in view its commercial use for day long activities. Chairs, tables, and stools are some of the primary furniture pieces. Restaurant tables today have developed a lot and you will find them in great variety in the market. The different shapes are suitable for different set ups in the restaurant business.

If your restaurant is a larger one and you would like to seat maximum number of people, then you should look out for oval and round tables as they occupy less space compared to ones with corners. These tables not only accommodate large number of people, but also contain lots of platters easily in rows.

Fast food restaurants and cafes usually get on with smaller sized tables. These tables are mostly square or round in shape catering at maximum six people. The tables used in smaller settings are easy to manage and maintain, while those used in larger settings are a little difficult to maintain.

Read on to know the several types of restaurant tables you can buy for your restaurant.

1. Tables with Base and Table Top

This type of table is used to offer seating to up to four people at maximum. These are widely used in restaurants that have smaller setups. Tables with base and table top are made in two parts, table tops and slab bases. Table tops are available in laminate, granite, resin and wood finish.

2. Booths

Booths create an exceptional experience for your guests as they add value to the restaurant. If you have a large restaurant, you can place the booths in the middle and put secured table tops around each booth.

3. Large Dining Tables for Families

If someone wishes to throw a party at your restaurant, then large dining tables are the most important furniture pieces. You should purchase restaurant tables that would seat at least 8 to 10 people easily. Restaurant tables in larger settings are usually rectangular or round in shape. If you want your restaurant to look aesthetically pleasing and inviting, place different shapes of restaurant tables.

4. Outdoor Tables

Some of the best restaurants in the world have their setups outdoors. In such settings, a different kind of table is used, which is called patio table. Patio furniture is available in different materials such as wrought iron, aluminum and wicker. These tables are then covered with umbrellas to cover the top. However, you must choose the patio table material keeping in view the harsh weather conditions in your city.

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