Tips for Selecting Office Reception Furniture


The first thing which visitors will see when they come to your office is the reception. That is why it has to be presentable and inviting. This can be achieved with the right office reception furniture and layout. Here is some advice which will help you with choosing the ideal items for your needs.

The Reception Counter

You can choose from a variety of counter designs when comparing office reception furniture. The L-shaped and the U-shaped models are functional and attractively looking. You do not have to go for the traditional models with straight lines, but experiment with curvilinear shape. It all depends on the style of your office and on the image which your company wants to build and maintain. If you have a smaller office, you can opt for a counter with a single work surface.

When it comes to the material, wood is a traditional option, but if you want something more striking and innovative, you can consider metal, glass and even plastic components. The choice of colour is extremely important as well. White and grey and the natural wood colours ranging from natural maple to mahogany are all excellent options.

Seating Furniture

When you buy this type of office reception furniture, you have to focus on comfort and durability. The items should be ergonomic and allow the body to relax while providing reliable back support. They must have strong frames and commercial-grade fabric of leather upholstery, which is easy to clean and to maintain.

It is best if you come up with a layout in advance so that you know what types of items you will need. Keep in mind that visitors prefer to sit in their own chairs rather than on shared sofas. Any sofas which you pick should have two seats at the most. It is certainly a good idea for you to add one or two side tables and perhaps a small central table, if the layout permits.

Storage and Display

You will most certainly need storage furniture for the office reception. You can opt for bookcases, cupboards and filing cabinets. They should be set behind and possibly on the sides of the reception counter. It is best if these items have low design so that they are not visible for the visitors. In fact, it is traditional for the logo of the company to be seen behind the counter rather than cluttered shelves. It is also a good idea to have a bookcase or a display rack for brochures and magazines in the seating area.

You are now prepared to go shopping for office reception furniture.

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