The Rise of the Sleek and Modern White TV Cabinet


Did you know that the word television is derived from two ancient greek and Latin words. The Greek word "tele" meaning far and the Latin word "visio" meaning sight. The first use of the word television was first used in 1900 at a world fair in Paris. There were other forms of the word used "telephote" in 1880 and "televista" in 1904. The abbreviation "TV" dates from 1948.

The first television demonstration was by a Scottish inventor by the name of John Logie Baird in the 1920s, he gave his first public demonstration of the system in Selfridges department store in London and by 1928 Baird had transmitted a black and white signal between London and New York.

Since the early days of initial invention and design, the television has moved on leaps and bounds. Black and white television sets of the 1970s and the large heavy CRT (Cathy Ray Tube) televisions of the 1980s and 1990s have been replaced with LCD Smart televisions and 3D televisions of the current time.

Alongside the rise in television came the introduction of films into our homes, VHS came into our homes in 1976, DVDs 1997 and Blu-ray Disc by 2006. With the rise of digital broadcasts came the introduction of films and Sport into our homes.

Depending on what you watch has a big impact on what you want from your television. Some people want the biggest 3D systems out there, 60 inches plus, to watch all the latest sports matches and films. Others just want a small screen to put onto a shelf in their kitchen to watch whilst they are having their breakfast.

Not only can you get different sizes, the color of them vary so much, the majority of them are black, this would predominantly be for TV rooms and living rooms where a large screen is required and because it's the main TV in the house. Most large screens that are sold are still black, the larger size would be anything from 32 inches and above.

However white is also a favorite amongst consumers, with this color being purchased for kitchens and bedrooms, where such a large screen is not required. These TVs are usually up to 32 inches. People prefer not to see the black frame around the screen on their white dresser in the corner of their bedroom.

Spending several hundreds on a TV is something most people do, they want the best picture to watch their favorite sports team, or watch the latest hollywood blockbuster. Along with their new electrical purchase the next investment would be a new TV cabinet, there's nothing worse than putting your new LCD screen on an old cabinet, that you could not guarantee would not fall apart.

In the modern era we live in we want our furniture to match our clean cut lives and decor. Many rooms now have a fresh clean, white ambience and when buying a cabinet there should be no reason why we cannot purchase something to accompany this way of living.

Cabinets now come in varying colors and in all shapes and sizes with all types of finishes that we desire and all have different levels of complexity. White ones are available with a high gloss finish like acrylic foil and are finished with anodized aluminum and you can even have glass shelves for that extra touch of class.

There are all different types of cabinets depending on your taste and needs. But if you really want to impress your friends, you can even have cabinets which incorporated LED lighting and illuminates the edges of the glass shelves.

Source by Lukasz Grodowski

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