The Magic and Allure of Bespoke Furniture


I have been a sketcher my whole life! I remember getting all engrossed penciling stick figures on the drawing paper, losing myself in the lines that I'd so feverishly draw to fill up the white nothingness. Over the years, many hobbies flew out of the window just as soon as I allowed them entry in my "flow state".

But my penchant for sketching has, knock wood, remained unchanged. I guess this passion stems from my love of creating something from my hands-the joy of seeing the final sketch, all fleshed out and bearing my signature at the bottom of the paper (even if it's just a torn piece of paper) is indescribable. The fondness I feel for bespoke furniture takes its root from this childhood hobby.

As someone who has always been a fierce proponent of craftsmanship-I believe bespoke furniture gives voice to the handmade poetry that sits quietly on the pages of its creator's personal diary. Getting back to practical reality-off late there has been an upswing in the demand of bespoke furniture and that's because many of us are seriously houseproud and want everything in our homes, offices, commercial spaces, and any place that is an environmental extension of us or our brand's personality-to be meaningful and beat with one heart.

The craftsmanship behind bespoke furniture cannot be fulfilled by the retail infrastructure-another aspect that adds to its allure and exclusivity. After all, don't we all want spaces we inhabit to be as distinct as our point of views? That's what the clients we work with are after-a personal definition of their style. We create made-to-measure furniture in order for it to live harmoniously with the interior narrative; so that the latter does stand out as a sore thumb or out of place.

My team and I are emotionally invested in every step that we undertake in the production of our bespoke furniture. We have been doing this for years now-and the process of creation has become almost automatic as our depth of involvement is absolute. Right from the time I set my pencil to paper to the time the final product emerges from our workshop, everything is guided by 'handmade values'.
The smell of a freshly-made piece of furniture and the exhilaration of touching it the first time with my hands is what makes the tireless hours we plow in to bring it to life all worth it! At that precise moment-I feel so connected and complete, sounds rather corny I know but it can't be any truer! There are these tiny moments of human magic that happen during the making of furniture that no complex machine can recreate. We deeply care for the materials we use so that the end product is qualitatively enduring as it is aesthetically pleasing.
We also work with reclaimed wood-a material that is flawed and bears the bruises of time. But even in those imperfections, there are stories hidden-be it through the swirly grains or weathered tones-resuscitating that which was ignored and castaway is soothing and so satisfying.
There are so many things to talk about- what I appreciate and feel proud; I can just go on and on and on …

Source by S. Verma

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