The History of Ashley Furniture


Ashley Furniture Industries Incorporated is the fifth biggest manufacturer of furniture in the US. You can use them for any of your home furnishings as they do upholstered sofa sets, recliners, bedroom furniture and even bedding. They manufacture a lot of furniture made from more than one kind of material, but their wooden designs are probably the most popular of them all. Ashley Furniture created strong, shiny cabinets and tables that were laminated with polyester like no other – basically indestructible. This was in the 1980’s, and this furniture was admired by thousands of people. Even competitors had nothing on Ashley’s furniture.

This wonderful company started out as nothing more than a Chicago Corp. that was managed by one Carlyle Weinberger. This man created the company in the year of 1945 and it started as just a furniture sales procedure. What they specialized in was occasional wooden furniture, and how they operated was by buying in furniture made by other local corporations and then they marketed it themselves in Chicago. A few years after that, as the company was doing so well they opened up another branch in Indiana, which did just as well. They ran this branch exactly the same as they did the other, resulting in excellent sales and profits to be proud of.

During the year of 1970 they invested in a wonderful yet small furniture company named Arcadia Furniture. They were based in Wisconsin and founded by a man named Ron Wanek. Ron was brought up in Minnesota on a dairy farm and his success started when he began working at a furniture factory in his area. It was then that he started to learn about furniture, and the trade made him become a very well known man. Ron’s boss then was a man named Eugene Vogel, and it was he who taught Ron what he knew. Years later, once Ron thought he had seen enough and knew enough, he moved to Arcadia to open up a factory of his own. When he moved to Arcadia he brought with him his ex boss’ son, Chuck Vogel.

This intelligent twosome started production work for the not yet known Chicago Ashley Furniture, mainly just making stunning wooden tables. Just as the Minnesota factory did, Arcadia Furniture created television cabinets and stereo equipment as well. The new company these two started was just a little area of 35.000 square feet. Ron was in charge of all the business details while Chuck took care of production and milling. Not too long after that, this small company had 35 people working for them, and their first product line consisted of just eleven tables. They made their fair share quickly enough, raking in an astonishing amount of $360.000 in their first year.

Ashley furniture is a company that sells products made from only the finest quality. A lot of hard work goes into making these products and nothing is rushed. Time and effort is put into every single detail. This is what makes Ashley’s the best when it comes to good quality furniture.

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