The Best Ways to Display Your Items in a Curio Cabinet


Using curio cabinets is simply one of the best ways to show off your curios and establish a center point in your room. These cabinets are specially crafted to hold collectibles, art objects, memorabilia and stuffs that contribute to a common idea. Every curio cabinet, however, will not just do. It is worthwhile that the exact showcase cabinet must be opted cautiously or even custom-made in order for it to be able to emphasize the contents in the best probable way.

Curio cabinets may only have one glass door, a double glass door or no doors, at all. It is suggested, however, that you pick those with doors to avoid dust from your display to set. In addition, if you have kids or pets in your house, think about strapping the glass sides of your curio cabinet with a lock to avoid stuffs from breaking and falling. Apart from these design considerations, you can as well think about getting a curio cabinet with a mirrored back for visual vastness feeling particularly if your living room has limited space. The mirror does not just reveal the light in the room but also helps give an all-around vision of the stuffs showcased in the cabinet. To make cleaning simpler such as dusting and vacuuming, consider setting up casters under the cabinet.

Step 1

Before you put some stuffs into the cabinet, make sure that the shelves were properly cleaned. Get rid of the dirt and dust using a damp cloth. Also take note that the wood shelving must be cleaned every six months with the use of furniture polish. Make use of a moist newspaper to clean every glass doors or mirrors.

Step 2

Show off your stuffs in every shelf in odd numbers. Don’t forget to put your most loved knick knacks or the family’s china in groups of three, five or seven items.

Step 3

Place larger items on a shelf in pairs if they are too large for shelves to accommodate a third item.

Step 4

Put together the items in a straight line or a semi-circular pattern.

Step 5

For collections, display the pieces in accordance to their size, color or production year. Place larger collectibles at the back of smaller ones to make the most of space.

Step 6

Leave plenty room between every piece. Placing lots of things on one shelf will make it look messy, disorganized and untidy.

Step 7

Bring balance to your stuffs by placing the largest pieces in the center bordered by smaller items.

Step 8

Think about giving every collectibles that you don’t have room to show to your friends and family. You might also give these items to your local charity resale shop.

A curio cabinet is a one of the best ways to show off your most loved and most precious possessions. It is typically made of a wood frame and has glass inlays on three, or even all four, sides. Several have glass inlays merely on the door. They can also have a metal frame as an alternative to a wood frame. This will depend on the style you want and these cabinets come in some diverse styles. They are available to match almost every type of decor that you are using to beautify your house.

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