The Beauty of Hand Crafted Furniture

A piece of hand crafted furniture is a work of art. It is a piece of woodwork that emanates craftsmanship. From dining tables to bookcases, furniture crafted by hand is always a standout. It is not only ideal to be placed in residential areas, they also serve their purpose in commercial places and establishments.

Wood Materials Suited for Hand Crafting

For wood furniture, including hand crafted, mahogany wood has been the most commonly used. This type of wood has a reddish-brown colour that darkens as time goes by. It is also a very durable material for furniture. In fact, some boats are made out of mahogany. Oak is also commonly used material for wood furniture. Several oak varieties can be used for furniture making such as white oak, red oak and the Siberian oak. Oak as a wood material gives a unique finished product which can also be considered aesthetic. Generally, solid woods make a good material for furniture because of its durability. Mahogany and oak age beautifully and last for a long time.

Advantages of Hand Crafted Over Factory Made Furniture

One of the advantages of owning hand crafted furniture is its uniqueness of style. When compared with mass produced furniture, a hand-crafted piece will leave an obvious impression on guests. Also, you are assured of the high quality of the furniture that you are buying, just based on the effort of creating its details. You are assured that the craftsmen who created the furniture invested a lot of time and effort: from choosing high-quality materials down to the staining and finishing. This type of furniture can also be customized according to your preference and so will give you a ‘say’ on how the furniture will look when it is completed.

Caring for your Hand-Made Furniture

Furniture made by hand needs to be maintained to keep its beauty long lasting. Simple things like wiping the furniture with a damp cloth and wiping it dry already does a lot. Rubbing a small amount of lemon oil will help maintain its finish. Avoid using generic cleaners on the furniture as these give it a dull look. Make use of protective coverings when placing something hot or wet on the surface of hand crafted furniture.

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