Southwest Coffee Tables Make a Statement


The Southwest theme is very popular in decorating. It means different things to different people. Some people like pottery, some prefer Kokopelli and others find that cacti or rustic furniture is their thing. If you are just getting into the Southwest theme, and would like to start with a piece of furniture, why not try a coffee table? It is big enough to make a statement and small enough to blend anywhere.

Southwest coffee tables come in many styles. A table made of kiln-dried pine wood with a rustic iron base would fit any southwest theme. This type of furniture has color variations which add a unique bent to each piece. The pine is an attractive honey shade with knotholes. The iron base adds the rustic feel and matches the hardware on the coffee table. Add some of your southwest pottery and it will become a conversation starter in your home. Make it even more of a centerpiece with a Southwest area rug underneath it. Choose a colored woven southwest rug or a leather shag rug to accentuate your piece.

For something a little different, take a look at a coffee table with a talavera tile top. These are also kiln-dried pine but have a layer of traditional Mexican Talavera Tile. Talavera tile comes in hundreds of patterns. They are hand painted in Mexico and come in so many designs and colors it is hard to choose a favorite. Choose from kokopelli, sun designs, cacti, coyote, geckos and even a peasant taking a siesta just to name a few. With gracefully carved legs and a shade of warm honey, this coffee table would enhance any Southwest living room. You do not even have to display anything on it because the tiles are decoration enough.

A table with two layers is great when you want more places for your treasures. You can find them made of kiln-dried pine, alder or oak. They have a clunky aged look which is typical of Southwestern décor. They come in different colors and have various carvings on the bottom ledge. A beautiful color to try is antique turquoise. It has a weathered look; lighter and stripy in areas and darker in carvings, knotholes and sides. Although it has lots of space for displaying your treasures you might not want to cover any portion of this attractive piece.

Many southwest coffee tables have the Mexican style clavos on them, either around the edges or attached to leather straps across the top. These clavos come in many different types of metals and add so much flavor to the piece. All metals, copper, bronze, nickel and wrought iron are incorporated into southwest coffee tables. Metals add to the rustic flavor and statement made with southwest furniture.

There is such a variety of coffee tables to choose from when you have a Southwest theme that you can spend weeks looking for the right one. Take your time, think of what you like and choose the one that makes you happy.

Source by Sarah L. Williams

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