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Office rental costs in all the big cities of the world are one of the first concerns to people starting off in business and setting up their offices. In many cases, it is critical to the success of the venture that the business is positioned in one of the prime areas.

Currently the average amount you can expect to fork out for office desk space in one of the larger US cities is about 750 US Dollars, while in Europe a typical cost is nearly E600 Euros, or over 400 UK Pounds.

In Sydney it is believed that the average CBD office space rental goes at about 500 – 600 Aus Dollars per square meter, per annum with lower rentals towards the north and west.

A less expensive option for micro businesses, single desk businesses or start off businesses, is to use the coworker office space system. A large space is rented and divided up into separate desk spaces, usually semi privately with office partition walls. Each desk space is used by a different business and the expenses are shared by all.

An estimate of desk rental space in most countries shows that the use of co-working space costs about half of that of having a completely privately rented office.

The overall rental expenses are divided up and the costs of running the work areas and keeping them clean work out much cheaper for each individual desk. Other overheads, such as electricity, air conditioning and security are also shared and therefore cheaper.

Not all offices with co-work spaces allow 24 hour access, but in many cases they are available.

Coworker space often suits small business people who find themselves isolated or distracted working from home, and prefer a more structured environment.

It also suits those who need the synergy of working with other people in related fields, but still want to maintain their own independent businesses. For instance, individual engineers, architects, town planners, draughts persons, graphic designers can make use each other’s services when it suits them.

Whatever style of office space you decide upon, your office interior design, and office fit out are your next biggest concerns for the physical layout of your business.

Whether you intend to occupy a single desk or a suite of rooms or several floors of office space, your space needs to reflect the work you do, while being attractive and inviting.

The tendency today is for the managerial staff to occupy private offices while the administrative, technical, and computer staff have semi private workstations separated from one another with office partition walls. Depending on the type of business operating, there may be conference areas or rooms, as well as reception areas and waiting rooms for the public.

A standard workstation is generally estimated to be around four square meters, while larger office space is often calculated at about 15 square meters per person, which allows for reception, private and conference areas.

The style of office interior design is extremely important. It should accurately reflect the ethos and values of the company as well as the type of business that is being run. It also reflects the type of customer or client you are hoping to target.

The old fashioned style of offices that are ‘Neat and attractive’ is just not good enough any more. If you choose one of Sydney’s prominent and effective leading interior design companies for your office fitout, you will find that they will go quite deeply into the ideals you have for your company in order to enable you to project exactly your unique image to your particular associates and visitors.

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