Silkscreen at Home With StencilPro and PhotoEZ


Screen printing is a useful, exciting and fun craft. Traditional silk screening is expensive, messy, and requires a lot of space, making it difficult for non-professionals to silkscreen at home. Not anymore! StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ kits and silkscreen sheets are unique and specifically designed to be used at home, a studio or a small business. They are economical enough to use once or hundreds of times. Now it is possible to make one, twenty, or hundreds of t-shirts.

StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ kits were designed to silkscreen at home without the need of expensive silk screening equipment and supplies. The flexible pre-coated silkscreens eliminate the need for the user to coat screens. The sun is used to develop (burn) the screen, doing away with costly exposure units and machines. Alternatively, the screens can be developed with full spectrum daylight fluorescent tubes, or bulbs, or with yudu machines.

StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ silkscreen sheets do not use heavy frames. This allows screen printing on curved and irregular surfaces (such as wine glasses and furniture) in addition to flat surfaces. Clean up is a breeze in a typical home sink without those large heavy silk screen frames. Platens (flat printing forms used to attach silk screen frames) are also not required, another cost benefit.

StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ are quality professional silk screens that can be used hundreds of times with a single design. The stencils (screens with developed images) are not reclaimable, the process of cleaning the screens with chemicals and solvents in order to reapply emulsion to develop a different design. This makes StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ silkscreens safer for kids and adults, and makes them green products.

There are many types of surfaces that can be screen printed with StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™. Listed below are some surfaces and ideas.


• Make t-shirts for gifts, family reunions, wedding parties, Girl and Boy Scout troops, sororities, school clubs, sport teams, small businesses…

• Jazz up jeans, shirts or other clothing with silkscreen designs.

• Silkscreen fabrics at home or the studio economically. Perfect for fabric artists, fashion designers, quilters, college students…

• Screen print tote bags, pillowcases, pillows, table runners, table mats, napkins, etc.


• Make homemade cards for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other holidays.

• Make wedding invitations.

• Customize scrapbook pages with silk screen designs.

• Screen print boxes for products.


• Screen print wine glasses, drinking glasses, or recycled glass jars for gifts.


• Make worn furniture look new by repainting, and make it stand out by screen printing a fun design.

Polymer Clay

• Create interesting silk screen designs on jewelry with polymer clay.


• Take stencils to a ceramics studio to screen print wonderful plates and platters.

• Design stencils to use on pottery.


• Screen print a logo, text or design on a metal prototype.

• Add a silk screen design to wrought iron chairs and tables.

• Refresh antique metal designs.


• Screen print logos or company names to plastic parts.

Screen printing is so much fun and such a useful skill. Now with StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ silkscreens, artists, crafters, and small businesses can silkscreen at home. StencilPro™ and PhotoEZ™ are not just for t-shirts. No matter what type of surface a person would like to work with, it is now possible to silkscreen at home with these economical unique silk screens. Discover all the possibilities!

Source by Anna J Mehta

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