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With Christmas just around the corner it's probably not surprising that there are a lot of people trying to make their money last throughout the festive season. Not only are there the gifts to think about, but also the odd party and food requirements, often extended travel plans and other bits and pieces that seem to crop up at this time of year. It's at this time we often turn to the internet to try and find some ways to make our money go further.

When it comes time to think of gifts for your family and loved ones you often really can't go past something that is handmade or at least shows you put more than a passing thought into it. The beauty of this type of gift though, is often the price, you can usually create something that won't cost you a cent or if it does it's minimal, yet it's something you know the receiver of the gift is going to love for years .

For example many people nowadays have digital cameras and keep a wide selection of their favorite photos on their computers or on a disc but never actually get around to printing them out. So the only time they can really view them is when the computer is on. Now with a variety of free programs you can find online there are quick and easy ways you can take those digital photos, add a bit of music, sort them into chapters and transfer them onto DVD. By creating a photo DVD you can use all your own (and other family members) photos you have stored and make as many copies of the DVD as you want this can be a great Christmas gift idea for grandparents and other family members. Of course you can also use it to put those embarrassing photos of your child onto DVD to share on their 21st birthday.

That's not all you can turn to the internet for when it comes to great free or cheap gift ideas. Many stores for example will give away free samples of a huge variety of products; you could build up a selection of these samples to create a themed gift basket or to fill out your Christmas Stockings etc.

Searching the net may also prove useful when it comes to saving money on certain products; While most know about eBay and other similar auction sites where you will often come across a good deal, there's also plenty of other sites that offer coupons or special deals if you participate in a certain offer or fulfil specified requirements.

The bottom line is that when it comes to your money and the festive season it may not be as bleak as you first thought, you just need to be prepared to take a look around; You never know what cool deal, freebie or homemade gift idea you might come across.

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