Rustic Coffee Table – 3 Types Of Rustic Style

If you are looking for a coffee table and want something unique, then put aside the contemporary offerings and take a look at the rustic coffee tables available. They’re a great choice for someone who wants something different in their living room, or for someone whose decor doesn’t match up well with traditional coffee tables.

But first let me clarify what rustic style is. This style is warm, with a very earthy feel to it. Some pieces are weathered — a typical characteristic of the style. A lot of the furniture has clean lines. And others reflect the natural beauty of gnarled tree branches. The style is usually characterized by using wood and stone to create a feel of being close to nature.

Although the term “rustic” creates in some the idea of log cabins and mountain retreats with furniture made from tree limbs with bear shapes carved into them, this is only one form of the style. I’m going to give you 3 different examples of rustic style. They may give you some ideas for a coffee table that suits your home well.

Primitive Style — A primitive table is a great choice for country homes that want to add some rustic elements. It’s also a good choice for homes where the table is bound to be scratched up and dinged up quickly. Because a weathered look is a typical feature of rustic style, most wear and tear that shows on the piece only adds to its primitive appeal. The homespun look is part of what makes the appearance so charming. It looks like a well loved heirloom that’s been handed down through the generations.

Cabin Style — This a warm, masculine style that naturally works well with a log cabin. The style really works to give the feeling of being close to nature. If a table fits this style, you can usually imagine it in a room full of accessories that contain pictures of deer or bears, or you could picture it in a mountain getaway. Much cabin style furniture has a look like it was hewn or carbed out from a nearby tree before being brought into the house.

Industrial Style — This style frequently makes use of repurposed metal elements, such as pipes, rods, or beams, in the design. To prevent the piece from looking brand new and to maintain the rustic allure, it’s important to incorporate weathering in this style. A table in this style adds an edgy touch that makes an urban loft or contemporary living room unique.

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