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Before you purchase any new item of furniture you need to make sure you do a little research to find the item which is most durable, practical and offers the best value for money. This is especially true when it comes to investing in a new bed as a durable and comfortable bed will last you for many years. As Myer’s beds have over 130 years of experience in bed design and manufacturing, you will be making a sound investment when you choose a Myer’s bed.

Benefits of Myer’s beds

Although Myer’s beds are similar to many other beds on the market, Myer’s beds excel in the choice of bespoke mattresses and quality finishes on offer. There is such as huge range of Myer’s beds and mattresses to choose from that whatever your requirements are, you’ll find something to suit. You can choose from a range of bases, mattresses and Myer’s bedding (including mattress covers) so you can piece together your perfect bed.

Myer’s beds specialise in the quality and comfort of the surface of their mattresses. The Myer’s bedding mattress covers available range from high quality woven Damasks for a luxurious and traditional feel, to modern and highly breathable fabrics. As well as the mattress cover, Myer mattresses also feature multiple sheets of upholstery which are layered up to provide the ultimate comfort without compromising on support.

The luxury range of Myer’s beds also feature spring coil technology which provides optimum support by distributing a person’s weight across the mattress. This makes Myer mattresses a particularly good choice if you suffer from neck or back pain as the pressure on these areas will be dissipated across the surface of the mattress. Myer mattresses are renowned for their Memory Foam technology where the top layer of upholstery (Memory Foam) moulds to your body shape when you are laid on it but resumes its original form once you leave the bed. Myer’s Memory Foam beds offer superb support which is tailored to your individual needs.

Price of Myer’s beds

Considering the range of benefits Myer’s beds have to offer, the cost of a new bed or mattress is surprisingly affordable. Mattresses start at around £150 for a Myer’s single bed but can go right up to £600 or more for a spacious Myer’s king size bed with a luxury mattress on top. Search for cheap Myer’s beds online and you could find a real bargain, especially as many online Myer’s beds stockists offer free delivery.

Myer’s beds offer comfort at an affordable price so to checkout everything from Myer’s single beds to Myer’s divan beds visit the official Myer’s Beds Online Stockist KD Beds.

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