Modern Dining Tables - Here is an Introduction to Them


When furnishing a dining room, many people choose a modern dining tables and chairs. Like modern art, modern furniture utilizes unconventional styles and designs. Modern furniture bears little resemblance to traditional but offers the same functionality while taking up less space in many cases.

Modern dining tables (and other dining room furniture) have replaced wood with various metals and synthetic materials. In addition, many modern dining pieces utilize color as well. Some of the color combinations help set the modern tone. For example, the one might feature a colored glass top with chairs with clean lines made out of metal. Color is also incorporated in materials other than glass.

The modern furniture movement might not have started in the dining room but today, there are many modern furniture options for dining. One distinctive purpose of the modern design is to bring the family closer together. Rather than the traditional behemoth dining table, a modern table would seat just the immediate family members. The seating capacity is usually just 4-6 people. The closer proximity can create a greater feeling of closeness and help foster conversation. Small tables are not the only choice, however, since larger tables are also available. Modern dining tables are available in a variety of shapes including round, square and rectangle.

One of the ways that modern dining sets are different from their traditional counterparts is the material used for construction. Tubular metals and synthetic fibers are popular due to their durability. These materials can also result in a much lighter furniture piece. Along with different materials, the design of the pieces has evolved. Gone are straight-backed chairs of yesteryear and they are replaced with ergonomically designed seats, sometimes with cushions. In addition to comfort, this style is part of the design aesthetic.

The sheer size of the tables has been reduced as well. Modern dining tables are smaller and frequently crafted out of glass. In order to improve the functionality of the tables, many modern dining tables feature a rotating turntable or lazy Susan to move food around the table. Care should be taken to choose a modern dining table that is proportion to the space allotted.

Dining room furniture does not stop with a table and chairs. Many people need added storage or display space in the dining room. A cabinet can solve both of these challenges. Cabinets can store dinnerware, cutlery, stemware and table linens. With an emphasis on functionality, modern cabinets are smaller with several sections to meet the storage needs of the owner. Many cabinets will offer drawers to keep some items out of sight while also offering shelves or glass fronted cabinets for display items. Two small cabinets might be preferable to one large piece.

Not surprisingly, the price range for modern dining tables can vary from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. The size and material used can greatly impact the cost. It can help to view the purchase of one as an investment.

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