Modern Dining Room Furniture


Modern furniture, like modern art, is characterized by unconventional styles and designs. Most design concepts from the old style furniture were discarded to make way for new, unique varieties. Wood was replaced with several metals and synthetic materials and new color schemes evolved.

The concept of modern furniture is widespread, encompassing even dining room furniture. A dinner table is a special place for many, where the family comes together to enjoy a meal in each other? S company. Modern day dining room furniture promotes this aspect by bringing the family closer together. Unlike vintage style dinner tables that stretched for several feet, separating people, modern day dining tables are just comfortable enough for the family. The seating capacity usually ranges between 4 to 6 people, although larger table are also available.

Modern dining sets have moved away from wood to incorporate different materials. Tubular metals and synthetic fibers are commonly being used owing to their durability and lightweight. The design concepts have also changed over the years. The typical straight-back wooden chairs have been replaced by more fashionable, ergonomically designed cushion seats. These not only provide greater comfort but also add to the aesthetic value of the room. The tables are also more compact, with glass-top being the most common surface. Some also incorporate a revolving turntable, popularly called? Lazy Susan ?, to move food around a large table.

Apart from the basic table and chairs, dining room furniture also includes the cabinets used to store the cutlery. With modern furniture laying great emphasis on space, these are also more compact with several sections to hold everything from dinner plates and serving bowls to wine glasses and knives.

The price range of modern dining room furniture can vary greatly depending on the size and material used. The wooden sets are the most expensive, often costing several thousand dollars. Whether wood or fiber, these modern dining room sets will definitely beautify any dining area.

Source by Elizabeth Morgan

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