Metal Bunk Beds - What I Found Out


The idea of ​​bunk beds, when you live in New York City, is pretty common. In fact, it can almost be the in thing to do when you have more than one child.

In New York City, as well as any large city, rooms are usually small, and space is at a premium, so investing in good bunk beds is something many parents do. Well, I have two young children, both under six years old and they share a small room so my wife wanted to look into getting them bunk beds. Time to get cracking on some research.

I really didn't know that much about bunk beds before I started this research. Basically, all I knew was that they are two beds, one on top of the other. Apparently, there is much more to it and a lot of options.

One option I have looked into is getting metal bunk beds.

Why would I do this? Well, the first benefit that jumps out at you about metal bunk beds is that they are cheaper. A nice benefit indeed. Price isn't everything though, so there had to be some more benefits of metal over wood … and, yep, there are.


Metal bunk beds weigh much less than their wooden counterparts. Imagine yourself trying to set up the kids room with a large, very heavy set of wooden beds. Oh sure, the delivery guys will get it in there for you, but what happens if after they leave, you decide the opposite wall was a better spot for the beds?

I know, I would not want to move that huge piece of furniture across the room. Besides needing someone to help do this, it would probably scratch up the wooden floor if it was not done right.

In my opinion this a really big benefit. Of course, lighter weight also means that shipping will cost less. This is like getting a second break on the price.

Less Damage Over Time:

In my research, it seems most people find that metal bunk beds last longer. This was the opposite of what I expected.

I suppose it's because wood can chip, bruise and get worn easily. But, many people buy wooden furniture that already has a "worn" look. They actually prefer it.

I must admit, I do like a rustic look to a lot of furniture, so this wasn't a big benefit for me. Of course, keep in mind, this is a personal opinion about looks and taste.


Apparently, many people think metal bunk beds make it easier for children to fall out from the top. Other research had a countering opinion saying that with modern technology, they are just as safe as wooden bunks. When it comes to your kids every parent knows that safety is the first priority. So, when I read about safety issues, I definitely took notice.

I used my own experience on this one. You see, right now my kids sleep with a metal railing on the side of their twin beds so they don't fall out, and they never have. That metal railing is not very technologically advanced and it works just fine. I find it hard to believe that the child on top would somehow roll over the railing.

Yet as a parent, the fact that a safety issue was even raised still has me a little uneasy.

As for my wife and me, at the time I am writing this we are still deciding. I hope my research and experience helps you to make your own decision in possibly buying a metal bunk bed.

Source by Ethan Semmel

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