Luxury Eco Friendly Hotel Products and Amenities


In the era where pollution has become very serious problem and has raised its head in almost all sectors. Hotel industry is no exception, specialized eco hotels are mushrooming, and existing ones are resorting to environment friendly products and this means reducing the level of pollution in the environment. Therefore the guest amenities and toiletries are being packed and manufactured with such materials that blend well with the environment and are free of chemicals.

First thing that can be worked upon is the packaging of guest amenities with materials or specially manufactured plastic that can be recycled or is biodegradable. There are many companies that offer such type of packaging without comment on the look and quality of the packaging. One gets to choose from many options without compromising on the luxury factor.

From towels to toiletries all products can be manufactured using eco friendly materials, such things do not pollute the environment, water, air or ground with chemicals. They are basically produced using non-renewable resources that can blend well with the environment. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, furniture, shower gel, slippers, bath robes, body lotion, toothpaste and much more can be made eco friendly. Some hotels offer their guests an entire range of complimentary eco friendly products. Such products and things are good for our body as well as the surroundings.

‘Going Green’ is the latest corporate mantra, which is liked by the masses especially who travel frequently and have to stay in hotels more wish to have such products that are harmless yet have good quality and satisfaction. These hotels get the accessories packed into eco friendly packaging which may include sewing kits, shaving kits, sanitary bags, nail care kits, vanity kits, combs, dental kits, shower caps, shoe shine sponge, etc.

Hotels do not go on packing and producing toiletries themselves, they give contract to companies who undertake such services. It is important to select a company who is known for its quality products and services. You can find such manufacturing companies online and surf through the range of eco products they offer, you can also ask them to get your products customized.

Some hotels that have turned into eco hotels even provide guests with certain suggestions and tips on how to save the environment. Hotel owners can bring down the cost of such products by purchasing them or ordering them in bulk.

This concept is becoming very popular, thanks to the marketing of eco tourism that focuses on merging with the environment yet enjoying luxury staying and travelling. Eco friendly guest amenity manufacturers can provide various information on their websites, therefore if you are considering a company which is not geographically nearby, use their website for further enquiries and contract prices.

Source by Hamad Subhani

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