Lighting Options to Brighten Every Yuletide

Getting Christmas decorations up is not the easiest job to do. In fact, it is a major operation that takes considerable time, at the very least. Making a Christmas lighting display impressive enough is not easy either, but there are more than enough options to choose from that can help realise the very best version of the lighting display in mind. It is just a matter of getting the right lights to make that vision a reality.

When it comes to interior and exterior lights, there are some differences to consider. Not all interior lights can be used outside, due to the damage they may sustain from adverse weather conditions, especially winter weather conditions. There are still plenty of options though, with curtain lights amongst the most striking light sets to be used inside a home. These are not usually used in isolation, of course, with string lights and icicle lights adding to the overall effect. Outside, net lights and durable string lights designed for bad weather conditions can be used, with the use of connectable lights a major plus in terms of power supply and design.

In terms of interior options, these curtains of light can have a very dramatic effect on a room. The curtain can be as wide as 2 metres and as high as 10 metres, with more than 2,000 lights comprising the set giving a sheer light effect. The result is highly impressive, with the door or window behind the wall of light and effectively removed from view and a private, or even intimate, mood created. Different lighting effects also contribute to the desired atmosphere, with a twinkling effect, a cascade effect or a flashing effect.

These curtains are not suitable for outdoor use as they are susceptible to the elements, particularly cold and wet. However, they are double insulated, making them safer for the home. Their cost can vary, depending on their size and quality, but the bulbs used are long life bulbs ensuring the maximum cost efficiency. This type can also be connected to other lights to create a bigger effect, like icicle lights and string lights.

In fact, it is its ability to connect with other lights that makes the curtain so popular. The complete look can involve a variety of designs, colours and sizes, all serving specific purposes in specific areas of the home. For example, string lights can be used on the stairs, the doors and larger windows can be covered by a curtain, while icicle lights can be hung from door frames or from windows. These lights are connected together and controlled by a multi effect star controller, which is necessary if the lights are to be run effectively.

The chief advantage of a connectable capability is that owners can build whatever lighting system they want for their own homes. Based on their own vision of the Christmas illuminations, they can add and replace any segments that they wish, effectively changing or adapting the layout each year without going to the expense of purchasing a completely new set of lights. This provides a freedom to create that box sets can never offer.

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