LG Deco Foil - A Wonderful Designing Material


If you are a designer who is in search of a material that is going to transform the look and feel of any living space, consider LG Deco Foil. Versatile, fashionable and splendid, LG Deco Foil, a PVC decorative film, is a spectacular way to make a new style statement. They come in a range of colours and finishes and can add a touch of unique style to your kitchen, office and living room furniture.

Its practical features like resistance to stains, scratches and high temperature make it extremely durable and an ideal decorative product for laminating any surface. PVC foils are available in 3D and 2D versions and come in a range of patterns, finishes and colours.

LG 3D Deco Foil

If you need a PVC application for three dimensional surfaces that is both artistic and functional, go for 3D PVC Foil. It is a PVC Decorative Film, used for membrane pressing or vacuum forming to laminate three dimensional fiberboards. It comes in finishes such as anti scratch or semi gloss. The high performing coating layers of LG PVC 3D Films makes the surfaces of any furniture scratch resistant, moisture resistant and durable while providing them a magnificent look.


* Designed for 3D lamination on routed medium density fiberboards (MDF)

* Highly contoured furniture component

* Cabinet Doors

* Store fixtures, Counters


* Scratch resistance

* Stain resistance

* Resistance to high temperature

* Easy application

LG 3D Foil Range

* Art Gloss PVC Foil

* Solid Colours

* Woodgrain designs

* Premium Grade High Gloss

* Innoface

2D PVC Films

If you need a PVC film to laminate two dimensional surfaces, consider 2D Deco Foils. 2D versions of the PVC Films can be used for profile wrapping and flat wrapping. The high performing layers of 2D PVC Film protect the furniture surfaces from scratch, stain and moisture. Resilient and durable it ensure that your furniture stand the test of time!


* Flat Lamination

* Profile Wrapping

* Lamination of cabinet surface

* Molding and Frames

* Ceiling and wall panels


* High level surface protection

* Durability

* Easy to clean up

2D PVC Film Range

* Art Gloss PVC Film

* Solid Colours

* Woodgrain Designs

* Premium Grade High Gloss

* Innoface

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