How Vancouver Oak Furniture is Leading Small Furniture Design

Taking home a new item of dining room, bedroom or even casual furniture can be the cause of a lot of excitement for a homeowner. Finally having that much-needed table sitting neatly in against the hallway wall, or the much-wanted dining room set standing proudly in the home, is reason for great satisfaction. The only problem is that insufficient space can rule out so many of the items of furniture that one might really want. Addressing that issue has made Vancouver oak furniture one of the leading names when it comes to modern, urban living.

Modern living means that for many the actual space available for new furniture is limited, particularly when it is an apartment that is called home. The average apartment is notoriously limited in its layout, with small kitchens – or even kitchenettes – that have everything within arm’s reach, dining-cum-living rooms that afford practically no open space, bedrooms that seems to be constantly cluttered, and bathrooms that are poorly ventilated. The end result is that a lot of compromises have to be made to find furniture sets that fit, creating frustration and disappointment.

When it comes to oak bathroom furniture, extra care needs to be taken to protect the wood from the moisture that can be in the air. This is especially true in urban apartments, with a common problem being the location of the bathroom itself. Of course, the need for innovation in furniture design that does not come at the expense of style is essential for the small home. Vancouver furniture is a leader in that area, though other collections, such as Lyon furniture, also keep such problems in mind.

The Vancouver Oak range stands by the belief that quality oak furniture needs not be exclusive to owners of spacious homes, but should be available to everyone. That is why they have a range known as the “Petite Collection,” a range that comprises pieces of furniture and furniture sets that are equal in terms of quality but less in terms of size. The collection includes furniture for the dining room and the bedroom, as well as occasional pieces that can serve hallways, for example, perfectly.

The key to their petite range are the reduced dimensions of the pieces. While a Vancouver Oak 5-drawer chest of drawers, made of solid European oak, stands 130 cms high, 110 cms wide and 50 cms deep, the petite range offers a similar 5-drawer chest of drawers at 100 cm high, 90 cms wide and 40 cms deep. The result is that almost as much storage area is provided, with a smaller amount of space taken up on the floor.

Innovation is crucial too in fighting spatial problems. Vancouver Oak has come up with one clever piece to deal with the problem of limited space in the living room – a 3-drawer coffee table with a top that lifts towards the user. The table is made of solid oak and is lower than most coffee tables of its type, but it can be lifted to a higher level to provide the user with greater comfort. Meanwhile, the three drawers under its top allow for extra storage.

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