How to Furnish a Reception Area


As times are changing, people prefer to see a modern and attractive reception area when walking into an office. A furnished reception area allows you to feel comfortable and welcome in the company. Here are a few ideas on how to furnish a reception area.

  • Stick to three colors

Too many colors will confuse a person and make them feel overwhelmed. Use colors that relate to your business. Use the brightest color of your brand for small items of furniture or as a singular large item of furniture such as the reception desk or the waiting couch.

  • Textures are in

Using two textures for one item of furniture is fashionable and trendy. The most common place two textures are seen is on the reception desk. For example you can mix a matte and a glossy finish to create a unique look. By having this type of desk in the reception area you automatically create a brand image.

  • Light is important

Having light for your receptionist is important not only for decorative purposes but also to prevent eye straining from the single bright light source coming from the computer. Use modern and attractive light fittings to illuminate this "go-to" place.

  • Beware of color blocking

Color blocking might have become a trend in the fashion world but matching pink and blue on the table can be too loud for certain people when it comes to the workplace. Rather match up the bright colors with jet black or snow white. If you would like to use two contrasting colors make sure that they are across two different furniture items.

  • Play with shapes

A rounded desk looks softer and flows with the room due to the lack of corners that protrude in the room. Alternatively, having a reception desk with rectangular frames that stick out at different levels is quite attractive which sets a modern and up to date theme for the company.

  • Modern seating

A modern couch or lounge suite in the reception area is a great way to make visitors feel comfortable while they wait for the contact person to meet with them. Along with the lounge suites and reception desks decorate the reception area with potted plants and a painting on the wall. All these items together will create a positive emotion in your customer. D├ęcor can create a relaxed environment for the visitors. Comfort is important for a happy mood.

Source by Meghna Lalloo

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