How To Choose A Coffee Table


A good coffee table is a perfect blend of form and function. It gives your living room a sense of completion and gives you and your guests a place to gather around.

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding on the right coffee table for your living room. The shape, the size and the materials are all important things to consider.

The shape of your coffee table should be determined by the furniture and décor in the rest of your living room. When you are in the furniture store, pay attention to room vignettes that have a similar style and arrangement as your living room and notice how different coffee table shapes affect the feel of the room. In a contemporary room, which makes use of clean lines and crisp angles, you may notice how well a square or rectangular table will harmonize with the rest of the décor. On the other hand, a round table can bring a nice counterpoint into the room by softening the strong lines in the rest of the room just a bit.

The size of the table you choose may seem to be the most difficult when going between your home and the store. It can be difficult to visualize how a certain size table will fit into your living room when you’re looking through the furniture showroom. A table may seem bigger or smaller at the store than it will when it’s delivered to your home.

Here’s a tip that will help you to determine what size coffee table will fit best into your home. This is a good way to play around with shape as well. You can simply use paper to map out how different sizes or shapes will work in your living room. Gather several large pieces of paper, such as butcher paper or packing paper. Tape a couple pieces of paper together to simulate a small rectangular or square table, or use scissors to cut out a small round table. Tape several pieces together and cut out a large round table. Use these paper forms in order to visualize how various sizes and shapes can enhance the look of your living room. Play around with arrangements as well. You may find that a large rectangular table looks overbearing, but two smaller square tables that take up the same amount of space, brings a nice balance to the room.

Choosing between a clear material such as glass and a solid material such as wood is best determined by your lifestyle and how you will be using your coffee table. If you like to put your feet up on your table, or have young children that may leave smudges, a solid material would probably be best. Solid materials are more durable and can take a lot of handling and use. If your coffee table’s daily function will be mostly visual and won’t be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, a glass table is very attractive in most rooms. A glass table provides a useful surface without overtaking a room.

By taking some time to discover what the best materials, shape and size will be for your coffee table, you will be able to find a table that fits perfectly into your living room and into your life.

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