How to Choose a Bedside Table


A bedside table is a useful addition to any bedroom, providing the ideal spot for an alarm clock or reading light. Here’s some useful tips to consider before you buy.

What will you use it for?

Consider what you will use the bedside table for. If it’s just somewhere to rest your reading book and alarm clock then a small table, without drawers, will do the trick.

If you will be using it for hiding away cosmetics, remote controls, and paperwork, and need space for a lamp or telephone, then you’ll need a larger bedside table with drawers or shelves.

What design to choose

Choose a bedside table that will complement the rest of the bedroom furniture. In traditional style bedrooms, go for a wooden or painted design that has period detailing like brass handles. For a modern feel, look for bedside tables with clean lines and simple styling.

Matching tables each side of the bed will create a symmetrical look that’s smart and sophisticated, and will conjure up boutique hotel style.

If you want to make a statement, choose a bold design, such as a mirrored or high gloss bedside table. However, if you want the bed to be the main focal point, go for white bedside tables that blend into the background.

Consider the shape and size

Measure the space at the side of the bed, and make sure the bedside table you choose doesn’t interfere with other furniture in the room.

If you’re going for a round bedside table, make sure you have plenty of room beside the bed as they are often larger than square tables.

Other Options

Some beds come with bedside tables attached creating a sleek, streamlined feel, and saving you the cost of buying extra furniture.

If space is tight, think about fitting a small shelf or baskets to the wall instead of a bedside table.

A chair, a pile of decorative storage boxes or old suitcases are another way of creating a surface next to the bed for a lamp and alarm clock.

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