How To Avoid Boring Switch Plates

Many people these days are starting to find their normal switch plates to be rather boring. The white color that at one time seemed to be so pristine and modern is now starting to look drab and uncreative. The switches look just like all of the other switches in hundreds of homes, whether they are the rocker version or the toggle version. These covers are no longer adding to the style of the house, but adding to how little style that is has. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to fix this problem. Homeowners can install metal switch plates that come in many different colors, styles and designs.

Versatility One of the nice things about these is that they can go over phone jacks, data jacks, cable television plugs, typical electrical outlets or lights. They also come in a blank version to cover up any unsightly wires without making them useless by removing them from the wall. This way, a person can take the blank cover off later, if needed, and replace it with another style to use the wires again. These metal switch plate covers can be used all through the home, changing the way that it looks for the better.

Style As far as style is concerned, a person can find anything that they want. Perhaps they just need to have blank metal that will not rust and decay. Maybe they want to have a more rustic look with a darkened metal option. Perhaps they want to have covers with works of art painted on them for the den or cartoons painted on them for the children’s rooms. Whatever the case, these are all viable options, because the material itself can be used in so many different ways, offering far more options than plastic and wood.

Uniformity One thing that many people do is to tie the whole home together by giving all of the covers the same look. They will pick a theme that matches with their other decorations — clocks, lamps, lights and all the rest — and they will use them everywhere. This uniform look can pull the whole house together. Guests will think that everything has been perfectly planned out.

Diversity Other times, people will take the opposite approach. Instead of making everything look the same, they will work to give each room its own style and its own flare. This can really make children feel as if their rooms are spaces of their own. Even adults will feel like the different parts of the home have very different personalities.

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