How Innovation has Ensured Floor Lamps Never Lose Their Lustre

It would be difficult to separate the words ‘innovation’ and ‘design’ in any field. When it comes to designing lights such as floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall lights, innovation can be subtle, but the results can be stunning. That is part of the evergreen appeal that some of the most familiar lights and light fittings around; even when familiarity really ought to breed indifference. The range of ideas that have emerged in recent years has ensured this appeal continues as contemporary design wins the eye of the public again and again.

When it comes to buying lights for a new home that are stylish and reliable, there is a vast selection to choose from. It’s really all down to the individual’s vision with regards the decor of the home in question. Two of the UK’s most highly respected manufacturers of lights and light fittings have been leaders in this area, creating some of the most memorable new pieces in recent decades and becoming synonymous with style and sophistication in the process.

DAR Lighting is one of the largest independent lighting companies in the UK, with a range of quality contemporary designed products from table lamps to ceiling lights, while Franklite lighting range offers more contemporary designs as well as a dedication to the traditional.

Standard lamps for the living room, bedroom or dining room are not new concepts in home decor, but there are always new twists to their designs that resurrect their image every couple of years. Designs might have consisted of such simple things as a nicely carved wooden stand with a carefully embroidered lamp shade for effect, but these days the materials used are quite different. Chrome is amongst the favourite stand materials, with a polished version providing a crisp, clean look that serves the intentions of the minimal designs of the modern style.

Glass is often used in shades themselves, with Tiffany lamps in particular famed for their aesthetic worth, using finely cut stained glass designs as lamp shades. The effect, of course, is dramatic, as the hues shining through the red, green, yellow and blues of the stained glass shade create a colourful and traditional feel about the room. Similarly, some modern designs retain the coloured glass concept, with changeable DAR glass shade heads available in a range of pastels, allowing for a homeowner to have more than one colour shade in a multi-light stand.

For their part, the designers at DAR have clearly sought to give something different to the familiar, with a distinctive rustic, stick-like appearance to their collections. This effect is created by using brass or chrome stands or arms that are curved. They use this style in their pendant ceiling lights, with three ‘sticks’ of brass cross over each other, as well as on their 2-light chrome wall lights which sport two ‘torch’ shaped lights with curved handles.

However, for DAR lighting, it’s their 3-light polished chrome lamp that is amongst the most popular. It features 3 independent lights on top of 3 long vertical curved chrome arms. While modern, it speaks of the familiar and so appeals to a large portion of the public.

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