Highlight Your Home With Koa Wood Furniture


A vital part of the habitat of Hawaii, the Koa tree is one of the most characteristic woods that you can find. Centuries ago a single tree would serve the natives in building canoes, paddles, surfboards and spears because of the strength and stability of the hardwood. Today furniture makers select only the finest Koa wood, many times from standing deadfalls of this precious tree to create unique, lasting Koa furniture pieces, guitars and boxes.

Hawaii is the only place in the world where the Koa tree grows, making it endemic to the islands and rare in possessing. The grain figurations of Koa is unmatched by any other hardwood with curly, fiddleback, straight or tigerstripe patterns that define the unique quality. Koa wood furniture that is made from this interesting tree can range in colors of chocolate browns and reds to bleached white that is normally reserved for smaller wood pieces.

Fortunately, the Koa tree is a fast growing species that is able to grow 20 to 30 feet in a span of 5 years. It feasts on the volcanic ash buried deep within the ground to reach heights of almost 100 feet and requires huge amounts of rainfall ranging from 35-200 inches per year. The high elevation is also a leading factor in the atmosphere required to create the special Koa wood. Clearing areas for building has diminished the amount of Koa trees that used to burst from the forests of Hawaii, making the wood even more rare and exciting.

Craftsmen that create Koa furniture take their skill seriously. Unlike a regular carpenter, their molding of Koa wood reflects that of an artist molding a sculpture more than merely treating a wood piece. Each piece is carefully crafted to keep the design in place with the artful display. Hours are spent in sanding and finishing the Koa wood that resembles the consistency of black walnut.

Your guests will be entertained with the soothing designs of your Koa wood furniture as each swirl or stripe seems to take on an ancient story of its own with unique designs. A wonderful conversation piece, place your treasure out in the open where everyone can enjoy the mesmerizing show that is performed by your Koa wood furniture. Different tones of reddish or brown in color can be requested to match your d├ęcor accordingly.

Owning a Koa wood furniture piece or collection is a statement of reverence to the Hawaiian Islands that stems back for centuries. It is also a sign that only the highest quality of wood will do for your living space. Dining room tables, dining room chairs, entertainment centers and dressers are a few of the different ways that you can bring flavor and heritage to your home. Consider an heirloom rocking chair or table that can be passed on to future generations and keep the Hawaiian heritage alive.

Source by Nicole Roberts

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