Glass Table Safety - Elderly Precautions


If you have an older member of your family living at home or who will be visiting soon you may want to think about the impact they may have on your glass tables – literally.

While a lot of people think about protecting their glass tables against the little ones in the family that could run into them or throw things at them, they also need to think about the older members of their family who could have an impact on those fragile pieces of furniture.

Here are a couple of things you should consider.


As people grow older, they often have a tough time with getting and keeping a good grip on the items they are holding. Some of this has to do with developments of things like arthritis that can make it suddenly be painful to keep a hold on an item. Other times it’s just that the muscles in the hands are not as strong as they used to be and a person can lose their grip. No matter the reason it is not uncommon for something that an elderly person is holding to be dropped, right back on to the table surface.

While with wood tables this may not be a problem, other than to cause a small dent, for a glass table this type of drop and impact can chip or even break the tabletop surface. Therefore, you may want to reconsider any glass table that is in an area where it will be regularly used for holding hard or heavy items (like coffee cups and books) that an elderly person in your home may lose their grip on.

Force Control

Another thing that often happens as people age is their control of force is skewed. What we mean by this is that when picking something up and putting it down, the judgment and reaction of the muscles for how much force is needed to move the item where it needs to be may be a little off. This can result in something being put down much harder than it needs to be and hitting the table with a little more force than it should.

Again, on most tables this type of impact may not be too damaging, but if you have a glass table it may be more than the glass can bear and lead to chipping or breaking.


The final thing that you need to keep in mind is an all to often story – a fall. Sadly as we get older there are a lot of motor skill problems that we develop. One of them is with our balance. Balance is drastically decreased as we get older and it is easy for elderly people to lose their balance and fall. Falling with a glass table in the house cannot only break the table but cause great injury to the person who falls. Sadly people who may have not been too injured by the fall can be maimed or even killed by the impact with the glass.

Source by Jennifer Akre

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