Glass Desks - Why Tempered Glass Is Better


Before making the decision to purchase a glass desk for your office or home, you might have concerns about how safe glass desks are, since the material is breakable. If your desk broke, not only would your belongings be at risk but your own personal safety would as well, along with the safety of your family or coworkers. The good news is that the majority of glass desks sold today are constructed using tempered glass, which means the safety risks are dramatically reduced.

Tempered glass is sometimes called safety or toughened glass. The glass is alternatively headed and cooled through a special process that results in it being stronger and far less breakable than it would be normally. An added benefit of this process is that even if tempered glass does end up breaking, it will most likely not shatter into the sharp shards of regular glass, but instead will become small pieces that are rounded and pebble-like. Because of this, broken tempered glass is far less potentially dangerous than normal glass.

To help avoid any accidents, here are some important safety points to consider:

– Check that the desk you want to buy is made of tempered glass.

– Your desk should not be overloaded. The manual will indicate the maximum weight allowance.

– Children and pets should not be allowed to play on the desk or close to it.

– Rambunctious children or pets, as well as younger children, can make having a glass desk more risk than it is worth.

Glass furniture has inherent risks that cannot be ignored. However, following the general safety tips outlined above can lessen the risks considerably. Given the unique aesthetics that glass furniture lends to a room, the benefits can outweigh the risks.

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