Get Rid of Fleas! A Homemade Flea Killer


Commercially available products for pet flea control products are not cheap. If you are spending a fortune on flea killing product for your pet, such as dog collars, pills, flea spray PET, flea shampoo, flea comb, flea bombs, flea sprays, etc. You are probably not aware that there is a home remedy that you can use conveniently to get rid of those fleas without having to spend hundreds of dollars on them.

The remedy is vinegar , yes that is right, fleas do not like the smell of vinegar. Vinegar is very environmentally friendly and in some cases works even better than the usual chemical-based medicines flea companies.

Steps you can take to get rid of fleas – Bathe your pets with vinegar.

You can create your own vinegar shampoo for your dog. There is a simple recipe that you can follow to make your own flea shampoo. The ingredients you need are half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of Dawn dishwashing soap and fill the tank with warm water. You will be surprised to look at a tub full of dead fleas after the giving a bath to your pet. Then, after the bath, you can use a comb (which should be cleaned using diluted vinegar). And this should help you get rid of all the fleas off your beloved pet.

Keep the curtains and furniture flea-free!

Make a syringe of vinegar and inject it on furniture, sofa covers, towels, rugs, drapes, cars, etc. To get rid of the sour smell of vinegar, you can burn essential oils or use room fresheners. Make sure to dilute the syringe solution before using.

Carpet Flea Removal Techniques!

If you find fleas on your pet, chances are you will find around the house, especially on your carpet. A simple way to get rid of them is to prepare a bowl of water-vinegar mixture . Let it be there for over a night. Then spread the final product on the carpets to get a flea-free carpet.

After getting rid of all the fleas off your pet and from your house; please make sure to follow these necessary steps:

1) Try not to let your pets walk or play in muddy areas.
2) Keep your pets away from stray animals as they almost certainly carry fleas.
3) Give a regular bath to your pet.
4) Inject your furniture, curtains, carpets, etc as often as possible.
5) Repeat the whole treatment if you spot any flea again as it means they still haven't been eradicated.

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