Financing Your Office Furniture - Good Or Bad?


Well we all know that if you are running an office business that office furniture is one of the most important aspects of setting up a good working environment. Whether you are upgrading or completely moving to a new location. State of the art office furniture is a must.

If I was to walk into an office and somebody told me to take a seat while I waited and directed me to an old ripped sofa at the end of the room, I would not be very impressed. But if on the other hand the room was full of elegancy and luxury it would give me a great first impression and would defiantly have set me up on the good side of things rather than the bad.

Although buying this type of furniture may set you back slightly it is well worth it. If you cannot afford to buy the furniture outright there are many companies available that will be able to offer you some sort of finance deal depending on the quantity of products that you want. We all know that financing companies have there bad sides, so there are a few things that you should look out for when entering into an agreement. Firstly how much will your premium be, this indicates that if your furniture cost you 10 thousand for arguments sake, how much would you actually be paying back. More importantly how much are you willing to pay back?

Another important fact to take into account is whether or not your furniture finance will be based on the furniture itself. Meaning that if you cannot meet your monthly payments is the furniture secured or unsecured? In all honestly I do feel that getting finance can be a great idea, because although it is like renting out the items, you actually get to keep them after paying off your bill. This cannot be said for leasing, I feel leasing office furniture is quite a risky way to actually get hold of any sort of furniture because if you miss your payments you will end up having a practically empty office.

So to sum up I feel that getting finance to redecorate your office is a great idea, but take it at a pace that you know you can afford. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a few items here and there. Just do not be fooled to believe you can afford the world otherwise things may take a deep downfall.

Source by Musa Aykac

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