Everything Interesting About the Veritask Classic of Mayline


Veritask Classic from Mayline office furniture is a unique ergonomic computer desk with a dual-column and dual-surface electric desk. These are the height adjustable desks and workstations that are built on the basis that a desk or a workstation should be adjustable and flexible enough to meet the requirements of the ergonomics furniture. The desk must provide comfort and should be adjustable in the sitting as well as standing positions. Veritask classic desks are designed to meet the highest standards of computer desks. This height adjustable desk permits the user to opt between sitting and the standing position.

Important features of this Mayline series are as follows:

1. It is a basically a heavy duty Electric Table

2. It is available in both single as well as double column versions

3. You can purchase Veritask Classic of Mayline models with sliding as well as tilt surfaces.

4. It has single as well as dual work surfaces

5. It can lift up 250 lbs of load. Even 400 lbs of load can be lifted but this feature is optional, so this is possible only when you opt for such a table.

6. You can adjust the table of 14″ from 26″ to 40″ in height.

7. It has a special and simple feature called Push button activation.

8. Custom configuration features are available.

9. It also provides an Optional Data Centre Keyboard Support.

10. The entire construction is welded properly.

With a simple push on the activation button, the Veritask Classic of Mayline product reduces stress and injuries to the neck, shoulders and back and allow the employee or the user to work continuously by changing positions and without stopping. This product adjusts automatically without any manual help of adjusting the table as per the requirement of each user.

The dual column model of this series is the best table or desk for engineering as well as graphic designing related tasks. The drive system of Veritask Classic of Mayline is comprised of 110v, 60HZ and 24V DC motor.

Assembly instructions for Veritask Classic:

1. First of all, the base is installed so that the power plug can be easily accessible.

2. Allow for proper weight distribution on different size tops because it is the best method of stabilizing the entire setup.

3. Now place the rear top on a safe place facing upside down.

4. Adjust the top mechanism with the help of hand wheels that are present on the front edge of the top

5. Slide the Rear top in position above the base brackets.

6. Next is the work that includes mounting the front top

7. Align the holes in the Front Top along with the holes in the adjustable Top mechanism and then secure them with 6 screws.

8. Align the holes in the Mechanism release handle along with the holes in the adjustable Front top and then secure them with 4 screws.

9. Now position the control box at the left hand side of the top that is already drilled.

10. Affix the mounting pads.

11. Excess cords should be attached underside with cable clamp and screws.

12. Now you must assemble the Power Base.

13. Adjust the glides as per the level requirement.

This product is the best because it will provide total comfort and along with this you will not have to adjust it manually for every single user.

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