Enjoy the Search for the Room-Enhancing Metal Switch Plates

Switch plate covers come in many different metals, designs and colors. They may be a small addition to a room, but they can also add a touch of elegance. Some are hand crafted and others are available in standard, antique and oil-rubbed; they are pieces of art among the decor.

Metal switch plate covers are available in a variety of materials, including bronze, iron, antique copper, nickel and pewter.

The purpose of these metal switch plates, often ornate, additions to all rooms of homes and businesses is twofold. They cover outlets where plugs for electric lights, radios, televisions, computers and a great array of appliances, including anything that requires electricity to work. With the wires that power these items being brought into contact, it is necessary to place them over all of those electrical wires with only a switch or outlet showing on the cover to turn the devices on. In this way, they are definitely a solution to a safety issue. Imagine a small child, such as a toddler or possibly a smaller child who is curiously crawling around on the floor. Without the device they could get hurt by sticking their little fingers where they don’t belong.

Taking care of the safety part of their functions, the other feature becomes an idea of which covers to buy and which ones will enhance the decor of the room. They do look better than a hole in the wall with wires coming together, and consumers may find the ideal match to other fixtures and furniture they wish to put in the room.

Iron, copper and pewter plates are available with a variety of designs and colors crafted into the metal. Iron is an exemplary finish that has been around for quite some time, and has a stunning effect, especially in a room clad with iron fireplace pieces or iron rung stairwells. These iron items can be found in simple, as well as elaborate designs.

Currently, bronze is highly popular for these items and is a multipurpose design choice for a variety of tastes. Bronze is a serviceable material that can be applied in modern homes as well as rustic ones. It is generally either rubbed with oil or distressed.

Mottled antique pewter is another finish in almost any design. Some have ornate borders with specific designs.

The brushed nickel switch plate covers are an unadorned and pleasing choice. They work well in a bathroom, kitchen or home gym to match the rest of the decor.

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