Enhancing A New House With Fresh Decor

When buying a house, there are many things the new owners might change to make a home their own. The most notable change is the home’s decor. Many people repaint the interior and put in new carpeting to change the style of every room. Making other changes, from the furniture to the wall plates to the artwork, helps to create a uniform, fresh look. Furniture New furniture should coordinate with the floors and walls. The colors may blend together in similar hues for a more elegant look, or contrast for a less formal appearance. Different wooden or metal bases will also affect the atmosphere. The use of lamps and lighting fixtures are another decorating tool to change the feel of a room. The type of furniture used – a tailored tweed couch or a soft leather recliner – will dictate whether the room is formal or it has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

Switch Plates Switch plates add a finishing touch to every room. Rather than using the standard dirty, worn plastic light switch covers that have been affixed to the walls since the house was built, new ones tie in with the decor’s fresh, clean appearance. The first thing to consider is the formality of the room. Choose cover materials that will convey the same theme. If the furniture is mostly wood, as might be found in a den or bedroom, consider wood switch covers. For the kitchen, use porcelain or a wallpaper design. The new homeowner may prefer something that matches the new kitchen appliances, which will tie the decor together. Switch plates can be found and purchased online. Once the design is chosen, the other plate covers in the room can be coordinated to match. For example, all of the electrical outlets need new coverings as well. New wall mounts for telephone data lines, and cable connections should also match.

Artwork Decorating the walls and end tables with artwork, photos and knickknacks that coordinate with everything else is key. The little details and accessories turn a house into a home. When selecting which photos and framed are to display and where, choose frames that match the switch plate and electrical outlet covers in the room. This makes it look as though the home was decorated by a professional with no expense spared, rather than a savvy homebuyer with a flair for style. Add sconces and other decorative touches to enhance the more formal spaces. Use hobby collections or souvenirs in more casual spaces to give the room a more personal touch.

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