Emerging Furniture Trends of 2014


2013 saw the rise of home décor trends like 1920 Great Gatsby Furniture styles, grays and off whites, austerely contemporary furniture and minimal bedrooms with lavish living rooms. Well, the New Year brings with itself a whole new era of home styling trends along with a splash of playful colors and skilled constructions.

The myriad of ideas for 2014 aptly review your moods, tastes and hints of personal touch here and there. With the color of the year evolving from soft browns and off whites to radiant orchids and turquoise, the coming year has a lot in store for décor lovers. Some of the visible changes are

Lavish Bedrooms

Contrary to the plain and contemporary bedrooms with minimal décor, this year the focus has shifted from the less used living rooms to the bedrooms. Inclusion of sofas, accent chairs and small coffee tables along with the bed is a major makeover along with the use of wood based classical modern furniture. Focusing on light wood colors, most wooden fixtures are expected to carry a white ash or light walnut polish.

Mid Century Furniture

The penchant for mid century designs is becoming popular popular and that is exactly why we can find the replicas in abundance in the leading stores. So, my advice, grab it when you can because it is so obviously timeless. Pieces like Saarinen Dining Tables, the famous Pedestal and Tulip Designs along with the intriguing Noguchi coffee Table are the still the rage this year with their matchless beauty.

Going Prehistoric

The New Year has plans to go back to the neoclassical age and bring art and sculpture to the furniture designs. Trends like Roman sculptures, artistic wall hangings, elaborate headboards and extra ordinary tables are going to be in fashion this year

Introducing Flamboyance

As far as the talk of color combination goes, 2014 is all set to flirt with bright shades, contrasts and barring the boring creams and off whites from sofa covers and beds. Blues, Reds, Golden and Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the year are hitting the décor platform this January.

Circular Features as the High Point

Anything that is round is absolutely welcome this season. Be it your living room layout pattern or the circular couch or the adjacent round coffee table, curves is the hype this season. Highlighting the living room furniture with bright hues to make a bold statement is popular and minimum furnishings are recommended for an airy feel.

Walnut for Dining Rooms

Walnut seems to be the perfect choice for dining rooms. This wood has the needed wow factor owing to its marvelous sleek and durable features.

American and Mexican Designs are on the List

With retro designs back to the market with a diverse range of patterns like floral and stripes, the designsers are counting on more of Mexican and American furniture to spice up the interior designs. The furniture pieces are gaining a stance among the consumers due to their utilitarian values.

Minimalism and Functionality Intact

With unconventional designs and old world art themes hitting the furniture industry, the functionality and minimalistic factor has remained as it is from last year. Beds with drawer pulls, ottoman lid designs, sofa beds, sofas with hidden storage and attached shelves and end tables are the amenities in demand.

Hope, we get to see a lot art, sculpture, and new trends and innovations in this year furniture.

Source by Danny L Anderson

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