Don't Build That Beer Pong Table!


There are many disadvantages to building a homemade beer pong table. Beer pong tables are essential to playing the game, and many impromptu tables are pulled together from scrap pieces of ‘stuff’ or they can be made from a piece of commandeered furniture. That is a really bad idea.

Beer pong tables are made to the same specifications of ping pong tables, and they are very sturdy. Built expressly for the game of beer pong, they are impervious to spilled liquids, tough, and easy to set up. They don’t wobble, tilt or slide like many other homemade tables can.

A homemade table is not always made to stand on its own for long, and measurements can be off, causing a wobbly table. Wobbly table plus drunken player plus bad toss or loss of balance… That’s a lot of spilled beer and possibly even a broken table! The hospitals don’t much like loud, drunken players in their emergency rooms, either. It tends to upset the other patients, not to mention try the patience of the receptionist. Before long, here come the blue lights!

Another consideration is pure cost. It may sound like it would be cheaper to simply build one, but the construction would almost certainly be inferior to the design of a professionally made table. Once you count in the cost and the time of having to gather all of the needed materials, like wood, mysterious looking metal doo-dads, screws or nails, tools, and a friend or two, your cost has just surpassed that of a professionally made table. Please remember, wood doesn’t like beer like we do. It tends to buckle, warp, and pucker at the mere contact from an alcoholic beverage.

Professional tables can be folded and stored. A homemade table is not likely to fit in anywhere, and storage is nearly impossible when you have no solutions. Landlords and school officials tend to frown on substandard furniture blocking the hallway. Most homemade tables are not pretty to look at either. Some people go and pick out construction grade lumber thinking it will make a fine table, and after construction find out the only thing that can save their table’s looks is a drop cloth and possibly dismantling.

A professional beer pong table saves you time, and yes, even money. It’s prettier. It’s made to withstand the punishment you put it under and folds up to store like a dream. Did we mention that it is prettier? It withstands abuse and keeps looking good. There are lots of tables to choose from. Our tables are the highest quality, professionally made tables you can find anywhere. And they’re awesome to look at! You can’t go wrong with a professionally built beer pong table. And our shipping is fast and free. Forget the tools and metal bits and splinters in fingers. You can keep the friends. Take a look at what we have to offer. You are going to love our well-built, sleek and sturdy foldable beer pong tables, and still have money left to buy the beer.

Source by Jack B. Davis

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