DIY Wind Turbine Kits! Do They Really Work? My Experience


With sales of DIY wind turbine kits rising everyday people are starting to take note of the actual possibility of building their own homemade wind generator.

Do DIY wind turbine kits actually work? Well YES, even if the actual assembling process can be slightly technical. However, through the unique simplicity of video and diagram step by step instructions put forward by energy experts, DIY wind turbine kits have become a much better choice compared to buying ready-made wind turbines for 1,000's of $$ from Energy Corporations.

Other reasons why DIY wind turbine kits are becoming popular include:

# 1 – Kits also come with DIY solar panel instructions which in truth is an absolute STEAL given the enormous amount of professional detail put forward by these products. Costs range between $ 45 and $ 50 and ALL offer a 100% money back guarantee which solidifies the quality of kits given your option to immediately return the product if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

# 2 – Google trends indicate kits are selling as far as Indonesia, India, Australia, South Africa, UK and even extremely cold Finland and Canada. This is because research has proven that with only 2 hours of wind energy or sunlight a day, one can power their entire home for 36 hours, this also implies that both wind and sun energy don't have to be particularly powerful.

Many people reading this article I'm sure are very keen to build their own homemade wind generator. Indeed, I assume you have also read plenty of information about them. Well to tell you a about my experience, I first put together my homemade wind generator not too long ago and quite honestly the results have been astounding. Not only am I SAVING at least 70% on my electricity bills every month, but to know I'm securing a better environment for my children makes all my efforts even more rewarding.

While many DIY wind turbine kits insist you can save up to 80% on electricity bills each month, gathering from personal experience my initial savings weren't as high, especially with my first homemade wind generator. Therefore take my advice; the BEST way to start is to begin small, aim to power only a few devices at first. Try looking at powering your television or computer, then as you become more accustomed to building a homemade wind generator slowly advance to building a wind turbine for an entire bedroom or kitchen, until eventually having the expertise to develop systems for the whole home.

Overall, any DIY project is a fun and satisfying experience and DIY wind turbine kits are absolutely no different.


As well as buying a DIY wind turbine kit you will also have to buy the items to go with the building process, pieces can be purchased from local hardware stores, on eBay for cheaper prices, or can even be found in your home; and when you consider the price of retail wind turbines which can run well into the 1,000's of $$, you will soon be happy with the monumental SAVINGS you can make by building your own homemade wind generator.

Source by Farid Kanbar

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