Different Wooden Hangers


Wooden hangers can be a beautiful addition to your closet. They are not only beautiful, but sturdy and functional, too. They space out clothing just right so that your clothes do not get cramped and wrinkled. There are cedar hangers, hardwood hangers and bamboo hangers. With so many choices, you may be wondering which type of wooden hangers are right for you.

Pine, walnut, cedar and bamboo are just some of the choices that you have. You can choose based solely on style if you want to, all wooden hangers are very strong and beautiful. Just make sure that you buy yours from a high quality manufacturer and your wooden hangers could last a lifetime.

Pine is probably the cheapest of the wooden hangers. They always have a really nice wood grain that is brought out by different stains. Pine hangers are strong, but the wood is softer than most. You may notice dents or scrapes after you use them for a while. Pine wooden hangers are preferred by a lot of people because they are less expensive and they are light weight. They usually come in a natural color, but are sometimes offered in black or white.

Walnut is a much harder wood and should stay looking new for many years. Walnut is a darker wood than pine, which is naturally almost white or yellow. Walnut stains to a nice deep brown or reddish brown. Walnut is a very dense, sturdy wood used for cabinetry or fine furniture. Hangers made from walnut could last you your entire life without ever looking old or worn. Lots of people love the sturdiness of the walnut hanger, but may choose it solely because the dark color adds sophistication and beauty to their closet.

Cedar is certainly the most popular hanger on the market. Cedar hangers have beautiful red wood grain. Cedar hangers are not varnished or painted because the wood absorbs moisture and adds a pleasant smell to your closet. This is not only because they smell good, but because they actually absorb odors, deodorizing your closet. Cedar hangers also repel moths and can protect your closet from molds and mildews. If the smell seems to fade after a few years, you can gently rub fine-grit sandpaper over the surface and your cedar hangers will smell like new again. Cedar hangers are especially useful in coat closets and storage closets.

Bamboo hangers are extremely light weight and strong. Many people like the tiny wood grain and the light color. Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly hanger on the market today. Bamboo is a renewable natural resource that actually improves our soil and air.

No matter which type of wooden hanger you choose, you should get many different styles to get organized. Shirt hangers, skirt hangers, pants hangers and dress hangers are all available in different types of wood. Your wooden hangers are sure to make your closet look great.

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