Different Types of Storage Cabinets for Heavy Duty Industries


Office furniture is not just restricted to desks and chairs, it also includes cabinets to keep documents and files. Nowadays, cabinets are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. They are available in heavy and light duty welding. Storage cabinets for workplaces are quite flexible in terms of their storage capability. Storage cabinets are also a must for heavy duty industries, since they need to store hazardous chemicals and heavy tools. Therefore, investing in good quality heavy duty storage shelves is essential for industries. These cabinets are mostly welded in steel. Having cabinets in factories or industrial places serves the following benefits:

1. Durability
2. Easy maintenance
3. Mobility

Other than the above benefits, having a chemical storage cabinet ensures that all substances are organized properly, which reduces workers time for searching for the right material, which in turn increases employees productivity. Also, these cabinets are available in a variety of designs which not only offer adequate storage space, but also make offices look elegant. There are different types of storage cabinets available in the market, given below are few of them:

1. Chemical storage Cabinet: These cabinets are designed to store flammable, combustible, pesticides, and corrosives materials. One can label all cabinets for the benefits of employees as it will be easier for them to find the right material. Such cabinets can be placed in laboratories, factories, etc. They are available in different sizes and extra shelves. Few chemicals can cause health problems, if they come in contact with employees skin. Hence it is required that chemicals are stored properly in cabinets (Hesperian, Hazards in Garment Factories).

2. Workshop tool storage: Appropriate for workshop and warehouses, such cabinets are ideal for keeping heavy tools and accessories which are required in factories and various industries. Cabinets are sturdy so that heavy tools can be placed inside.

3. Metal storage cabinet: These cabinets can be used indoors to keep pantry items, linens, etc. Outdoor cabinets can be used for keeping hardware items, paint, and tools. Since the paint rarely peels or flakes, one does not have to repaint it.

Many of these cabinets come with locks which helps to keep important and sensitive materials safe. These are helpful in case of hazardous materials, as there is always a risk of fire breakout in factories. Hence to be on the safer side, it is essential that organizations invest in the right type of heavy duty storage shelves.

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