Different Home Lighting Techniques to Ensure Security

There are a variety of choices out there you can pick from but it will be best to know how home lighting options actually work first before investing in one. After all it serves a dual purpose as your security lighting as well. Also it cannot be said to be an inexpensive investment. These are some options you might want to know about in investing on perfect exterior and interior lighting for your home.

Dusk to dawn lighting is the most old-fashioned technique. It has been known that a brilliantly lit house deters any burglary attempts because it would be in plain view and a neighbour will automatically see them. However, the disadvantage is the cost on electricity because it will consume the same amount of energy every single night, not to mention being predictable as it does not change.

Motion activated lighting is highly popular and in demand because it provides security, is convenient and inexpensive. Basically the light only switches on when motion is detected which can help ease the cost of electricity.

Hi and low motion activated lighting is a combination of both dusk to dawn and motion activated lighting as it switches outdoor lights at a small percentage of their lamp electric power from dusk until dawn and only brightens in full brilliance when the detector observes any movement.

Whole-house home automation systems switch lights mechanically at different time intervals at various parts of your property without you having need to do it manually as it can be programmed while it can also recall your lighting habits for a time span and duplicates them when you are away. Timer based security lights have been popular for quite some time because it can effectively deter break in attempts because it can be programmed to turn on lights at specific times but these automation systems have taken it to a whole new level.

Keychain remote control systems allow you to switch on your house lights as you are driving up. Basically it is a transmitter that you attach to your keychain which when pressed sends a signal to a receiver from inside the house that activates the lights on. In this way you can pull up with peace of mind that nobody is lurking in the shadows of you garage and can mug you. It takes away the element of surprise.

There are also outdoor security lights you operate from the bedroom. It is extremely helpful when you hear someone lurking in the bushes at night and would like to see what it is but would not dare walk out there to turn the lights on from the outside in complete darkness. Also in this way, simply turning on the lights should send burglars running away for dear life.

As for interior lighting, motion sensor passive infrared or PIR powered lights are a good choice. It only switches on when it detects movement and switches off when it does not. This does not only secure your safety inside the house but provides big savings on electricity costs as it is only powered on when needed. In this way, forgetting to turn lights on and off is out of the question.

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