Decorating Table Tops With Confidence


So, what are tables actually for? Do yours stand empty and cold in the living room or dining room because it is expected to be there as part of the furniture arrangement? Do they sit there empty or half empty because you just don't know what to put on it? Are your dining tables and coffee tables places to serve refreshments when you have guests visiting? Are your coffee tables used for putting up your feet when you are relaxing? Do you realize that a room with a mostly empty table at the center is a wasted opportunity to create a sense of welcome? Why wait until some special occasion to try to put something on the table to dress it up.

Artfully arranged tabletops can turn boring surfaces into areas where you want to make a pleasant stop and have a morning coffee, have pleasant conversation with family and friends, or just relax and read

Here are some ways you can create beautiful tablescapes in your rooms:

1. Think larger pieces when creating a display. Small items do not create enough of an impact.

2. Asymmetrical arrangements are generally more informal and more inviting than symmetrical


3. The dining room table can have a cluster of beautiful items displayed versus just a

a centerpiece of flowers with candlesticks on either side.

4. Do not place very tall items that would block people from seeing each other across the table.

Keep the displays generally low so that they can get the attention that they deserve.

5. Place books, candles and flowers on a coffee table casually (though not randomly) for

a relaxed look in an informal room.

6. Cluster several items together off-center on a coffee table for a more contemporary look.

7. Remember to include height in the composition of clusters for a "lift".

8. Don't overcrowd side tables. They are spaces for functional items (like lamps) with some

objects to enjoy looking at. The rest of the table needs to be quiet.

9. Create interesting vignettes on your tables that blend the colors and textures in the room.

10. Establish high and low points that will lead your eye around the room in a wave-like pattern.

11. Create a color palette and design scheme for your room. It actually makes it easier to

redecorate on a whim. Look for common denominators.

12. Exact matching is not necessary, for some flexibility gives a more relaxing look.

13. Try to add an element of surprise (like a teapot holding flowers) for that unexpected touch.

14. Create variety in your vignettes so that they look like they evolved over time.

15. Change your displays with the seasons.

16. Add a touch of black to help "ground" the room. A touch adds depth and a bit of drama to

almost any room.

17. Mix shapes in your vignettes.

18. Don't forget to add a touch of whimsy in your decorating scheme. That lightens the mood.

Remember, a house becomes a home when it expresses who you are and reveals something about your interests and taste. Accessories gathered over time make a space feel warm and welcoming to you and your guests. Go dress those tables!

Source by Gina Garunkstis

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