Decorate Your Home With Porcelain Switch Plates

Porcelain switch plates are a practical way for style conscious consumers to add to their home decor without doing major renovations, or needing a major renovations budget. They are available in many different colors and styles, which means that it is easy to find the right covers to fit the style of any home.

Traditional porcelain plate covers offer classic designs on decorative frames for their light switches. These miniature works of art may be glazed in any color. Wall covers are then painted with traditional designs. Options include a wide range of detailed painting. Fairly popular are flowers painted on the porcelain cover plates. Homeowners can shop for wall plates that feature flowers whose colors match the room’s existing design. For example, if a living room’s drapery features light purple flowers in the fabric’s design, then consumers should look for a porcelain switch plate cover that is lilac in color, or one that features delicate lilacs or violets in its design.

If homeowners have worked hard to cultivate a more modern design aesthetic in their living room or dining room, then they should stay away from traditional designs, and look for more modern ceramic decorative frames to accentuate the room’s sleek lines. If the home owner’s living room is a black and white fantasy, then do not veer away from your color scheme by using colored switch plates. Instead, look for options that include abstract black and white swirls, splashes of black paint on white, or white paint on black, or another design that fits in with your room.

While it is traditional to purchase wall plate covers that all match, it certainly is not mandatory. Living rooms or dining rooms that have more than one light switch present an opportunity for homeowners to consider a tongue-in-cheek design option by sidestepping matching porcelain light switch covers in favor of mismatched over plates instead. The consumer can purchase switch plate covers that are the inverse of one another, with one light switch covered with a black plate that features a white design, and affix a white plate with a black design over the other light switch.

Although most rooms have a wide variety of different plugs, outlets, and jacks, thanks to the different cable, phone, internet, and electric wiring that every home contains, using matched or coordinated plate covers can tie them together for a uniform look. This can be the difference between a polished and sophisticated living room and one that appears to only be partially decorated by its owner.

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