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Among the majestic foothills of the Sandia Mountains sits a small family owned furniture manufacturing facility by the name of Nomad Furniture. Located on the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico the company was founded by a professional cabinet and furniture maker named Dave Cady. All products are made with pride right here in the USA. Recently this manufacturer added new products and unique bed options to their line-up and we thought as both a retailer and as a fan of these designs we'd spend a few minutes discussing these latest Nomad Furniture bed trends.

Nomad Furniture has introduced several new consumer inspired options for their line of solid wood bedroom furniture. Over the years many of the options that exist today were created from customer feedback or special requests. Who better to make design suggestions on a bed than the people sleeping on them. In keeping with this tradition Dave, the owner and lead craftsman has decided to introduce additional options based on similar requests from families and individuals. These include bed slat options, rail & footboard options as well as new bed styles. Of course special requests are always welcome and encouraged if the bed can be made just right for you.

The majority of beds that Nomad Furniture offers are what we call platform style beds. These beds use a wooden slat support system that is designed for just a mattress and do not require a boxspring. Dave's beds feature what he refers to as a standard slat set which actually offers 2 "wide slats with 3" spacing. This is actually better than many other manufacturers' standard sets and will accommodate most mattress brands.

However there are several mattress manufacturers today who are a bit particular about the foundation that their mattress is placed on. It was for this reason Dave introduced two new slat options to help meet the specific warranty requirements of those manufacturers. The first option is called the premium slat set and features 2 "wide slats with 1.58" spacing. The other option is called the double slat set and this features 2 "wide slats with no more than ½" spacing. Depending on the requirements of the mattress manufacturer these two options will offer more than enough support.

In addition Nomad Furniture is offering a new design aesthetic that changes the outer look of the bed itself. The standard rails and footboard have always been 3 ¼ "thick with the footboard crosspiece situated in front just below the two side rails. The new premium rails and footboard option offers 5 ¾" thick pieces that now keep a uniform look around from the rails into the footboard. This option is available on any Nomad Furniture bed.

Finally several new bed styles featuring very unique headboard crosspieces are now available from Nomad furniture. In keeping with the style of the American Southwest the Bandalier and Full Moon beds were introduced at the beginning of 2014. These feature a beautiful double rounded headboard crosspiece design very different from the other bed styles created by Dave Cady. Also available are new styles such as the Rainbow and Pinon beds which borrow popular design elements from other Nomad Furniture styles.

If you haven't already checked out these platform beds from Nomad Furniture and you're in the market for an affordable, American made solid wood bed then look no further. You'll find a huge assortment of bed sizes, options and designs that are sure to be a great fit with your home. If you've never experienced the American Southwest in person, owning a Nomad Furniture bed might just bring you a little bit closer with rustic yet simple designs that last. Who knows, you might even ask for something special for your bed that becomes a brand new option or design that others will want too.

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