Cracking the Code of Creative Interiors


A living breathing dynamic interior is the mirror of your home's personality. It contrast the YOU and how you live your life. Interior designing is undoubtedly the most chased path for the newly married couples or the family who is shifting to their new home. The Kitchen interiors, entrance, the lawn, and the play yard along with other important stuff. It needs to be taken into consideration.

Designing your house is like decorating a doll that gives you happiness and looks beautiful to your eyes. At a global level, there are properties worth billions who have extreme designs, but here we are talking about reasonable quotes. So let us start.


Some apartments in foreign countries are spacious and to fill the space you keep on adding the furniture. The bathrooms are huge with two sinks and a large bathtub designed either in egg-shape or in round according to the owner's taste. The flooring looks fantastic with cream or maple colored tiles. Some bathtubs come with music system so you can have a musical relaxation.


The living room floors should look alluring and easy to walk on. At times while decorating this area, we get confused as we are looking for a reasonable yet decorative artistic piece that can ignite and relax a person at the same time. If that extravagant space is pulling you off, then try a Bauhaus coffee table or a small sofa to make your empty corners full and beautiful. Try the online shopping alternative for that.

A glowing Chandelier at the ceiling is a great idea to magnify your mood. How about putting a grand piano near the French window and get a little Christian gray effect? That is an idea the music lovers would find attractive.

If you need an ecologically sustainable house then go for the decorators who offer you the best raw materials creating the least harm to the environment. They might charge high but you can surely negotiate. Their men will take the work and build the dream house that you want.

Home decor stores get a new item every week for sale. Take some time out from your busy schedule and risk a peek at the novelty. The photo-frames, silk curtains, wooden wall-piece, iron-wired table and bean bags. The list is endless. A glamorous lifestyle or simple products whatever you want, are high-handed, and come at a reasonable price rate.


Think about an entry table with plush seats. You can add a vintage touch to it by picking up a wire table. A beautiful mirror with crystalline reflection can be bought at an advantage. Make sure its frames are designed in a creative way.

Are you giving an art Galleria look? Then buy some Madonna paintings or a sculpture that makes you feel medieval.

You can buy a velvet smooth rug of different shades and shape. It will offer an extravagant feeling and a tinge of coziness to your pets.


Your kitchen is your art and health club. The most important place according to women must contain a masterpiece decor. Kitchen bench tops are available in different metals like granite metal, aluminum and you can have your preferred designs. Wall to wall cabinets a bar table and stools with refined cutlery would look perfect.


Coming to the most high-end area of ​​the house is your kid's bedroom. Place where he sleeps studies and plays. Undoubtedly, it has to look the best. Consider a demure study table with a floor and table lamp. Artistic wallpapers to increase their creativity with a wooden wardrobe to comfort their clothes. The covering and the size of bed is their choice. If the kids are young, consider a two-storey or else can make a huge double with sidelights and back table.

The girls' room is designed pink or pale blue with white strokes. It is traditional, but you can always add some spur. The orange and white walls with L shaped cornered wardrobe will look dainty. Toys, well toys can be kept at an adjacent storage unit. They will love it.

More Interior exceptions and suggestions coming up soon. Until then, Bon Decorating.

Source by Janaki Mehta

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