Cleaning Your Curio Cabinet the Right and Proper Way


A high-end wooden product requires constant caring as a result you should clean your furniture frequently. Most wood furniture, especially curio cabinets are described by its natural markings, colors, and character of the grain. This is what makes wood furniture so exceptional and gorgeous. To maintain the wood looking beautiful it is significant that you maintain the temperature within your home at a temperate moisture level.

These cabinets frequently store our most treasured possessions and artifacts. The appropriate cleaning and protection of your curio cabinet need not be a time-consuming or complex chore. Dust is the biggest causes in making a curio cabinet look messy. Containing the great dust beast will make sure a clean curio cabinet.

Things You Should Have:

  • Furniture dusting polish spray
  • Clean dusting cloth
  • Glass cleaner
  • Paper towels

Primary thing you should do is to get rid of objects from the curio cabinet, or if you have a lot of time, you can clean around the objects.

The next step is to spray furniture dusting polish onto a clean dusting cloth. When cleaning the wood, you must be certain to make use of only approved dusting agents for oak wood. Making use of a good non-silicone or non-wax agent is recommended. This will not only get rid of dust from your oak curio, but also eradicate fingerprints as well. The cloth should be of the micro-fiber kind. This will assist in dusting, as well as polish and clean the wood at the same time.

The third step is even if you do not make use of a micro-fiber cloth, you should utilize a cloth that is lint-free, soft, and clean. Make certain that you totally dry the wood after dusting as moisture can harm the oak curio cabinet.

The next step is to wipe the wood of the curio cabinet; you must begin in the inside of the cabinet, with the dusting cloth. If you decide not to get rid of your objects, move them aside or lift them as you dust under and around them. Wipe in a gentle, rubbing motion, using more furniture spray if needed.

The fifth step is to polish the outside wood of the cabinet by rubbing in a rounded motion with the dusting cloth and furniture dusting polish spray. Maintain the wood moistened with the spray so the cloth glides over the wood with no abrasiveness.

The next step is to spray window cleaner onto the glass doors (and glass shelves if your curio has them) and make use of the paper towels to wipe, in a rounded motion, the inside and the outside of the glass.

The last step is to dry the glass with fresh paper towels, wiping the glass in a back and forth movement. Confirm to make certain all of the wood is dust-free and all of the glass is free of smudges and fingerprints before putting your cleaning products away. Throw away the used paper towels.

Maintaining curio clean and protected will make certain its high quality look for many, many years to come.

Source by Sara Ramsey

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